Day 8

Day 8. Yellowstone to Grand Teton.

June 9, 2022. Yellowstone to Grand Teton

We had planned to head back to Grand Teton today since our flight was out of Salt Lake City on Saturday super late at night. We woke up this morning after a decent night sleep in the car and decided to check out the campground since we got here super late at night. I walked over to Rainbow Lake and took in the views–it was still so quiet and chilly as I must have been one of the first people awake. I mean check out these views!

We had our typical breakfast of oatmeal before hitting the road. We wanted to make sure we stopped at the Grand Prismatic Overlook (Fairy Falls Trail) since when we tried earlier in the week it was pouring rain. The actual hike to the overlook was pretty short and not too hard until the last ⅓ of a mile where it was all uphill. We got some great views of the Grand Prismatic Spring before heading back down to finish the rest of the hike. We decided that since we would be in the car for a good bit of the day we would finish out the rest of the hike to Fairy Falls since I heard it was relatively flat.

And man am I glad that we finished out this hike. It was relatively flat but we got to the falls at the end of the trail and got to relax and have a snack with a nice view. Online it claims that Fairy Falls is one of Yellowstone’s best waterfalls– while we were able to get up close and see the falls I’m not sure I would personally say that this was the “best”. Granted, it was very beautiful and a great stopping point before turning around. 

We hiked back to the car and ran into a bison along the way. We made sure to keep our distance while the bison crossed the path but other people did not…I’m not sure why people risk it.

After getting back to the car we headed to Grand Teton to our campsite at Colter Bay since we could check in. I decided against car camping here and thought that we should set up the tent so that we could stay out later and not have to worry about setting up camp late at night.

I had been recommended a hike called “Two Oceans Lake” by a colleague and decided that this would be a perfect afternoon hike for us. I knew that this area was more remote so we made sure we had bear spray on hand and were prepared to be very aware during our hike.

I remember my friend and I hiking on this trail and trying to figure out why this was called Two Oceans Lake. We threw out a few theories about why it was called this and decided that we would look it up after. As soon as we started on the trail we came across a sign (like they have all over) that stated that bears frequent the area. But the concerning message on the sign was that someone had handwritten “Mama Grizzly and cubs, give plenty of space.” I won’t lie I got pretty nervous after reading that sign but we decided to go ahead with the hike.

It was a really pretty hike that consisted of dense forests and really open areas. The open areas helped relieve my concerns since I was able to have much more visibility around us. I also had my bear bear at all times and the bear spray in hand in case I was going to need to use it. My friend and I talked pretty much the entire time also, hopefully just to let any bear or animal know that we were around. We finished up the hike and I saw a sign explaining why it is called Two Oceans Lake. The lake drains to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans since it sits directly on the continental divide. Pretty cool if you ask me! 

After finishing up the hike we headed over to the Oxbow Turnout to eat dinner. As soon as we got there we had a couple from New Zealand ask if they were in Grand Teton. Of course we replied…but they weren’t sure since there was no sign when you drive in from Yellowstone. They had told us there was a grizzle with her cubs near the road up ahead that you can drive past and get a good look at. We jumped in the car and tried to see the grizzly, but she must have already gone back into the woods before we got there. We headed back to Oxbow Turnout to have our picnic dinner, ramen noodles with a view of the Tetons!

We headed back to the campground and had a lot of luck lighting our fire this night so we just hung out around the fire and chatted. Headed off the bed early so we could get an early start on day 9!

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