Day 9

June 10, 2022. Jenny Lake.

We woke up this morning after camping in Colter Bay last night. I’m happy we ended up getting a last minute camping spot here since we will be able to shower here later and also it’s a good point of ‘civilization’ here. We had our typical breakfast of oatmeal and went ahead and made our lunch and packed extra snacks for this day.

We have planned to have a large hiking day where we would cover a lot of ground. We headed over to Jenny Lake to get ready for our hike. We started the trail and figured we would go ahead and do the first two miles of the trail and then take the shuttle boat across the lake at the end of the day. I figured since we had the most energy now it would be the best plan. We started the hike and immediately saw a sign that there was a moose with a calf along the trail. Unfortunately we did not come across the moose (I would have liked to see her from a distance).

We continued along the trail until we saw the turnout for Hidden Falls. Luckily Hidden Falls was really only a few steps off the main trail. We stopped and had a good view of it before heading up to Inspiration Point. We had a really good hike up to this point (lots of elevation gain) and stopped to have a snack. After our snack we noticed that there was a crowd of people with binoculars so we walked over to see what they were looking at. There was a grizzly bear on the other mountain which we were able to see with the binoculars. I love that we have seen almost a bear a day but only from a distance.

We kept hiking and headed up on the Cascade Canyon trail. I liked this part of the trail since it was pretty flat with small inclines along the way. The coolest part is that you hike in the canyon between two mountains, which made for a breezier hike than the other days. Along the trail we saw a pika, marmots, and a mule deer. We made it up to the split where the trail splits to head towards Lake Solitude. We stopped and had lunch with a view of a waterfall before heading back down towards Jenny Lake.

We decided against continuing the hike up to Lake Solitude since we were a bit tired and the day was getting away from us. We had hiked about 9 miles by this point and figured we still had to hike that all the way back. 

We decided that we should take the shuttle boat back across Jenny Lake to save us those last two miles. We had to wait over 45 minutes for the shuttle but we were excited to finally get on the boat and sit down. I suggested that we sit in the back of the boat since we would have the best view. Let me tell you, do not sit in the back of the boat unless it is late summer and super hot. We got sprayed with the water that was 42℉ at this time in June.

After getting back to the main side of Jenny Lake we wanted to go around and get our last minute gifts for friends and family so we headed out to a few of the shops to pick these up. Afterwards we headed over to the restaurant at Colter Bay to treat ourselves to a dinner since we no longer had dinner left to make. We went ahead and split cheese curds with ranch that were delicious, probably my favorite part of the meal. For my main course I had the Western style chili and potato wedges. Both of these were pretty good but I wish I got a larger meal. We each enjoyed a local beer from Snake River Brewing Company here and then sat by Colter Bay to watch the sunset over the mountains.

We headed back to the campsite and started to pack up some of our stuff so that we would be all set to drive back to Salt Lake City tomorrow after a small hike. Welp, last night sleeping in the tent in Colter Bay. 

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