Hello Mina Becker!

Welcome Mina!

Mina at Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham, Alabama

We’d like to welcome one of undergraduate researchers, Mina Becker! Mina is currently assisting Dr. Dunning and Dr. Corvey on an NSF funded RAPID study which focuses on interpreting how COVID-19 information is being communicated in the southeast. More specifically, one of the major components of the project is a systematic review of published studies related to communication of scientific information during the pandemic. 

In addition to the systematic review, other components of the study will examine the public sector response to the coronavirus. Interviews of public officials will examine their actions and their views on effective communication. Surveys of the general public in the southeast will explore how people get information and their attitudes toward that information. Ultimately the goal is to develop a website to share findings with policy makers as to what did and didn’t work during the pandemic. Mina’s primary tasks on the project have been screening abstracts for study inclusion and writing concise summaries of included abstracts to share with the full research team. 

Mina is especially interested in the potential for this study to inform responses to similar crises in the future. Through this opportunity, she is learning new research skills which will benefit her in her future work both at Auburn and beyond. 

Outside of school, Mina enjoys traveling, photography, and the outdoors in general. 

Photo taken at Yosemite National Park