Welcome Reese!

Welcome to the Lab Reese!

Reese grew up on a small farm just outside of Huntsville, AL. His passion for the outdoors has only grown since his father took him on his first deer hunt when he was just four years old. As he spent more and more time in the woods, his experiences with wildlife sparked an interest in both conservation and habitat management.

He is an undergrad in the College of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences studying Wildlife Ecology & Management. From the very beginning, Reese knew he had chosen the right path. He is so intrigued by his course material that he has no problem maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He plans to attend graduate school and eventually pursue a PhD in wildlife biology. His end goal is to become a private land management consultant. He wants to assist landowners by restoring natural ecosystems that will result in better quality habitat for wildlife and will promote overall biodiversity. Currently, Reese co-operates an outdoor retail business, works part-time for an online pet marketing agency, and volunteers to assist with various wildlife research projects. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, swimming, and playing basketball at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center.

Reese is currently assisting PhD student Catherine with her CWD research. Stay tuned to check out their results!