The following courses are taught by Dr. Davis. If you are a student please check Canvas for current information.

CHEN 5970/6970 Additive Manufacturing of Soft Materials

This class connects fundamental principles from chemical engineering, colloid science, rheology, and other areas of soft matter science to additive manufacturing. It includes hands-on additive manufacturing projects, discussions of application areas and the literature, and guest lectures.

ENGR 1110 Introduction to Engineering
The Chemical Engineering section of ENGR 1110 features team-building exercises using building blocks and a fuel cell car design project. Throughout the course, students learn basic science math and engineering principles. Topics include Safety, Product Design, Economics. Guest Speakers Speakers from Industry are also part of the course.

CHEN 3370 Introduction to Phase Equilibrium
Molecular thermodynamics of phase and chemical reaction equilibrium including non-ideal thermodynamics and multicomponent applications. This course teaches chemical engineering students applications of thermodynamics principles to gas and liquid mixtures, non-ideal solutions, phase equilibrium, and chemically reacting systems.

CHEN 5660/6660/6666 Macroscale Assembly and Applications of Nanomaterials
This interdisciplinary course focuses on the production of macroscopic assemblies and structures from nanomaterials using liquid, melt, and solid-phase processing techniques. Processing and applications of inorganic, organic, biological, and hybrid nanomaterials are discussed. This course is open to seniors and graduate students in any science or engineering program. The course may also be taken via streaming video or DVD as part of the Engineering Outreach Graduate Program.

CHEN 4980 Undergraduate Research
Undergraduates can make valuable contributions to research while gaining experience. The undergraduate research course is one of several ways for undergraduates to gain research experience. Other options are paid positions as part of current research grants, the Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, and the NSF REU Site on Micro/Nano Therapeutics and Devices. Students interested in research should contact faculty directly to discuss currently available projects.