The Deer Laboratory at Auburn University


Pete Acker
M.S. Thesis (2013): Factors influencing reproductive success and camera survey efficiency of white-tailed deer.  PDF


Sarah Bolds
M.S. Thesis (2020): Impact of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) on nutrient cycling and water quality in riparian areas.  PDF


Rachel deFreese
M.S. Thesis (2007): Fluctuating asymmetry of white-tailed deer antlers.  PDF


Nick Deig
M.S. Thesis (2020): Utilizing cast antlers for profiling quality and annual repeatability of antler characteristics in a nutritionally stable environment for White-tailed Deer.  PDF


Jace Elliott
M.S. Thesis (2021): Translocating captive female white-tailed deer and training and experience increase classification accuracy in white-tailed deer camera surveys.  PDF


Michael Glow
M.S. Thesis (2016): Prescribed fire interval and economic tradeoffs on forage and nutrient availability during stress periods for white-tailed deer.  PDF


Monet Gomes
M.S. Thesis (2020): Patterns of testosterone in White-tailed deer and their relationship to reproductive success.  PDF


Rob Holtfreter
M.S. Thesis (2008): Spatial ecology of male white-tailed deer in the crosstimbers and prairies ecoregion.  PDF


Stephanie Irvin
M.S. Thesis (2011): Evaluation of reproductive behavior in white-tailed deer through genetic parentage analysis.  PDF


Natascha Ivy-Israel
Ph.D. Dissertation (2019): How does the major histocompatibility complex influence reproductive success in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)? PDF 


Angela Jackson
M.S. Thesis (2011): Survival estimates of white-tailed deer fawns at Fort Rucker, Alabama.  PDF


Todd Jacobsen
M.S. Thesis (2016): Extra-home range and excursive movements by white-tailed deer.  PDF


D. Buck Jolley
M.S. Thesis (2007): Reproduction and herpetofauna depredation of feral pigs at Fort Benning, Georgia.  PDF


Gabe Karns
Ph.D. Dissertation (2014):  Spatiotemporal breeding strategies within a high density, male-skewed white-tailed deer population.  PDF


Kent Keene
M.S. Thesis (2019):  Effects of commercial thinning on white-tailed deer forage availability and ecological restoration objectives in loblolly pine stands.  PDF


Ally Keever
M.S. Thesis (2014): Use of N-mixture models for estimating white-tailed deer populations and impacts of predator removal and interspecific competition.  PDF 


Alexandria Lewis
M.S. Thesis (2020): Pigs by the sounder: Wild pigs, whole sounder removal, and their effects on deer and turkey.  PDF


John Lewis
M.S. Thesis (2005): Nutritive quality of eastern gamagrass, big bluestem, and highbush blackberry exposed to tropospheric ozone.  PDF


J. Clint McCoy
M.S. Thesis (2009): Patterns of stress and suitability of camera surveys for white-tailed deer.  PDF


Carolyn Moore
M.S. Thesis (2019): Reproductive success in white-tailed deer: using structural equation modeling to understand the causal relationships of MHC, age, and morphology. PDF 


Tim Neuman
M.S. Thesis (2014): Mate choice, reproductive success, and how population demography influences fawning season of white-tailed deer.  PDF


Jennifer Price Tack
Ph.D. Dissertation (2017): Coyotes, deer, and hunters: applied ecology for informing deer and hunter management.  PDF


Sarah Saalfeld
M.S. Thesis (2006): Seasonal variation in sex ratios and survival rates of white-tailed deer fawns.  PDF


Jeff Sullivan
M.S. Thesis (2006): Movement of female white-tailed deer relative to conception and localized risk.  PDF


Mark Turner
M.S. Thesis (2020): Improving coastal plain hardwoods for White-tailed deer and wild turkeys with forest stand improvement and prescribed fire.  PDF


Evan Wheeler
M.S. Thesis (2019): Effects of Planting Density, prescribed fire, and other factors on stand structure and wildlife habitat in longleaf pine stands in Alabama.  PDF


Brian Williams
M.S. Thesis (2009): Efficiency of surveying, baiting, and trapping wild pigs at Fort Benning, Georgia.  PDF
B.S. Honors Thesis
 (2006): A baseline evaluation of stress in a free-ranging population of wild pigs.  PDF


Kevyn Wiskirchen
M.S. Thesis (2016): Survival of adult white-tailed deer and movement relative to temporal patterns of predation risk.  PDF

Last modified: June 3, 2022