The Professional Educator has been published for more than thirty years. Originally a print publication of the Alabama Association of Teacher Educators (AATE), the first issue was printed in the late 1970s.

In the late 1980s, Auburn University’s College of Education became the site for publishing the journal, still under the auspices of the AATE. In 1995, when AATE disbanded, Auburn University’s College of Education assumed full sponsorship and responsibility for the journal.

For the first decade, under the leadership of Executive Editor Bill Deaton, Associate Dean in the College of Education, the journal’s focus was on Alabama education. Research-based articles were written by scholars who lived and worked in Alabama. In the early 1990s, Jeff Gorrell, Associate Dean in the College of Education, was named the Executive Editor, and the journal’s focus shifted to empirical articles addressing national issues related to teaching and teacher education. During this time, a national advisory board was established, and Gorrell began soliciting and receiving submissions from around the United States and Canada.

In 2001, Frances Kochan assumed the role of Executive Editor. At this time, the Truman Pierce Institute became a co-sponsor with the College of Education. Under Kochan’s leadership, the journal expanded its editorial board and released its first special issue featuring the Holmes Scholars. The Holmes Scholars, an arm of the Holmes Partnership, are graduate students from typically underrepresented groups who plan to become higher education professionals. A unique characteristic of this issue was that established scholars served as mentors to the Holmes Scholars throughout the submission and publication process. A marketing campaign helped to expand subscriptions and awareness of the journal, resulting in its being listed in Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities.

In 2003, Cindy Reed, then Director of the Truman Pierce Institute, became Executive Editor. Under Reed’s leadership, the journal’s focus officially shifted to educational partnerships, and The Professional Educator became an online journal in the fall of 2005.

Over the years, the journal has grown from one servicing the state of Alabama to an international journal with readers from across the United States and Canada. With the journal’s tighter focus on educational partnerships, The Professional Educator is now ready to gain an even greater international publishing presence, providing timely research, promising practices, and an open forum for reviews of current issues and books to higher education collaborators, partners, and others interested in educational partnerships.

Today, Jason C. Bryant, Ph.D, current Director of the Truman Pierce Institute, serves as Executive Editor of the journal.

Previous Editoral Staff

The following individuals served The Professional Educator in previous years:

Anna Weinstein, Editor
Nancy Ares, Editor
Lora Bailey, Editor
Susan Boes, Associate Editor
Stephanie Bond, Associate Editor
Shari Campbell, Assistant Editor
Miles DeMott, Editor
Rhonda Porter, Editor
Don Preslar, Editor
Richarde Talbot, Editor