Hunger is a Solvable Problem

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Our mission is to ensure that every child in Alabama has access to nutritious foods so they can develop into healthy, educated, and productive adults.

End Child Hunger in Alabama (ECHA) is a public movement addressing the critical issues of hunger and food insecurity facing Alabama’s children and youth. In 2013, ECHA was launched as an effort to move Alabama into the top 25 percent nationally in child food security. Since its beginning as the first outreach initiative of the Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn University, ECHA’s network has grown to include public and private sector partners from around the state

Our Goals

Increase Alabama families’ economic stability
Cultivate a strong regional food system
Build public will to end childhood hunger
Improve the food assistance safety net for Alabama’s children
Support community action to enhance children’s health and prevent obesity
With the assistance of volunteers and strategic community partnerships, ECHA is ensuring that families throughout the state of Alabama are aware of food resources in their local county. ECHA County Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring that information included in each County Food Guide is comprehensive, accurate, and up to date.