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Friday Feature: Megan Elliott

By December 15, 2017 No Comments

Today’s Friday Feature is Megan Elliott. Megan works as the Communications Coordinator for the Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn University.
This is her story:

“I started working with the Hunger Solutions Institute the Fall of 2017 as the communications coordinator, but I have been working at Auburn University in the College of Human Sciences, Office of Global Education since June of 2015. My main job is to coordinate study abroad programs for the College of Human Sciences and manage the Office of Global Education. When I was approached to take on the communications coordinator position as well, I was excited and looking forward to using my background in communication and journalism.
There was one problem: I only had a cursory knowledge about the Hunger Solutions Institute and the initiatives that came out of HSI. I started looking into each initiative, and as the mother of three young children, ECHA really stood out to me. But what was ECHA all about? The statistics on child hunger in Alabama are startling, but statistics with no action means nothing. But what I learned is that ECHA is about the people who are on the ground fighting to keep the kids of our state not only fed, but fed good, nutritious meals.
After my first ECHA task force meeting I came away hopeful and inspired, knowing that good things are happening in Alabama. Good people are working hard to make life better for the most vulnerable among us.
That is when I decided I wanted to tell our stories. The state and the nation needs to know that child hunger in Alabama is a problem, but that the problem is being met head on by dedicated and passionate people on ALL fronts. I am so honored to be part of the Hunger Solutions Institute and ECHA.”