About Eta Kappa Nu


Eta Kappa Nu is the International Honor Society for Electrical Engineers. Xi Chapter is the branch at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Outstanding persons are elected to Eta Kappa Nu primarily from the junior and senior classes of Auburn’s Electrical Engineering department. Graduate Students and distinguished professional engineers are also eligible. Eligibility depends on marked ability, as evidenced by scholarship, personal character, useful voluntary services and distinguished accomplishments.*


While one of its purposes certainly is the stimulation and reward of scholarship, Eta Kappa Nu has a far broader purpose than merely to award a badge of distinction to scholars. As conceived by its founders and as carried forward by its membership during more than two generations, another aim is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better professionals as well as better citizens. In turn, it is still another purpose of the organization that its members become a constructive force, helping members and non-members alike to improve the standards of the profession, the courses of instruction, and the institutions generally where its chapters are established.*

* adapted or taken from “Eta Kappa Nu … A Worthwhile Goal”

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