Executive Board


President: Sierra Eady 

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: “Working with so many incredible people.”

Biography: “I am from Russellville, AL. After getting my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, I hope to get my PhD and become a professor with a student research lab. I also hope to continue working with EWB either as a faculty mentor to a student chapter or with a professional chapter.”

Favorite animal: All of them 🙂

Vice President: Charlie Crider 

Major: Bioprocess Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: “The ability to make an impact.”

Biography: “I am from Madison, Alabama. I am a bioprocess engineering major focusing in pre-med. I hope to translate all of the amazing knowledge I’ve learned in Engineers without Borders to Doctors Without Borders after medical school.”

Favorite animal: Jaguar

Treasurer: Elizabeth Hartley

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: “My favorite part about EWB is that we are able to make an impact around the world using the skills we learn in the classroom and simultaneously meet some of the kindest people ever.”

Biography: “I am from Pelham, Alabama and I came to Auburn because of the family and the educational opportunities. I intend to create a well balanced budget for our chapter within my term and I am super excited to continue my involvement with Engineers Without Borders.”

Favorite animal: Dogs!

Internal Affairs Officer: Katie Harmon

Major: Biosystems Engineering-Ecological

Year: Sophomore

Favorite part of EWB: “My favorite part of EWB is actively working on impactful engineering projects with my friends. I love having the opportunity to serve my community and communities across the world through EWB.”

Biography: “I was born and raised in Enterprise, AL and always dreamed of attending Auburn University. At Auburn, I am pursuing a career in ecological engineering, where I can participate in designing innovative solutions to today’s environmental issues. I have a heart for service and ultimately want to use my education to better the world around me.

Favorite animal: Dogs

External Affairs Officer: Sydney Rembert

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Freshman

Favorite part of EWB: “Helping others.”

Biography: “I am from Grant, AL and applied to Auburn to study engineering. I grew up in a financially struggling household, so I am interested in giving back to the Auburn community through the resources I now have as a college student. EWB is an amazing pathway to do this. As the external affairs officer, I can cultivate my leadership ability by collaborating with EWB donors and ensure that EWB has the funding it needs to continue to help people at home and abroad.”

Favorite animal: Panda

Bolivia Team Lead: Andrew Sauer

Major: Biosystems Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: “Traveling and putting it all together!”

Biography: “I am from Roswell, GA. I have lived there my whole life. I came to Auburn and chose my major largely by chance, yet both have ended up being a more perfect fit than I could have picked myself. I have many interests as far as application for my education: ecosystem restoration, bioremediation, sustainable agriculture, and rural community development – but as an overarching goal for after college I hope to use what I learn to better the lives of others through the design of environmentally sound and/or ecologically integrated systems.”

Favorite animal: Sea Otter

Rwanda Team Lead: Javier Nishikawa

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Junior, Class of 2021

Favorite part of EWB:“My favorite part of EWB is working on a team that has increased access to water for hundreds of individuals in Rwanda. Every year, our projects make tangible differences in people’s lives. Applying our knowledge outside of the classroom to meaningful projects is very rewarding, and I have made terrific friends through EWB.”

Biography: “I was born in New Jersey but have lived in Huntsville, AL, since I was three years old. I came to Auburn to study engineering because I knew it was a great school and I liked the college town. At Auburn I am involved with Engineers Without Borders and Student Recruiters, and I enjoy running in my free time. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and hope to continue my involvement with international volunteer work.”

Favorite animal: Jesus Lizard

Domestic Team Lead: Mary Beth Cassity

Major: Biosystems Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: “I like getting to strengthen friendships with my classmates from my major as well as meeting and getting to know people from other majors. I think it is so cool how our studies can be focused on different fields of engineering, but we are all first and foremost problem solvers.”

Biography: “I am from Madison, Alabama and I am currently studying Biosystems Engineering with a minor in Philosophy. I am passionate about agriculture and finding sustainable solutions to fight hunger and nutrient deficiencies. After graduation, I hope to attend law school to study Civil Rights law.”

Favorite animal: The Hairy Frogfish