March 8, 2018

Executive Board

Natalie Palmquist: President

Major: Civil Engineering - Minor in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

Year: Senior

Favorite part of EWB: “I love the people I work with, the people I work for, and the people who contribute to the work we do!”

Biography: “I am from Jackson Hole, WY and I have come to Auburn as an engineering student who ultimately hopes to work with development projects full-time. I spent nine years of my childhood living in Istanbul, Turkey where my parents worked with the International Church. After graduation, I hope to enter into a similar kind of ministry with a focus on engineering work.”


Thomas Minetree: External Affairs

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 5th year/Senior

Favorite part of EWB: "I love seeing how everyone from different places and cultures can come together and work to benefit communities."

Biography: "I grew up in Sheffield, AL and came to Auburn with aspirations to work in engineering. Through working in EWB I have realized that after graduation I would like to continue working in a similar industry."


Chloe Barger: Treasure

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

Favorite part of EWB: "I love the fact that we get to work together here in Auburn, AL to make a real impact in people's lives around the world."

Biography: "I grew up moving between five countries so I love anything that has to do with serving internationally. I am a senior in accounting and love being able to use my business education to help Engineers Without Borders!




Brad Windom: Internal Affair

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite part of EWB: "Seeing things get accomplished that change lives."

Biography: "Born and raised in McDonough, Georgia, I joined EWB to put to good use the skills and opportunities God has blessed me with here at Auburn. Professionally, I want to help develop single-stage-to-orbit launch capabilities, and personally work to improve quality of life throughout the poorest parts of the South."





Liz Stanbrough: Lowndes County Team Lead

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior

Favorite part of EWB: "Planning, monitoring, evaluating, and learning during specific projects and learning about culture."

Biography: "I grew up about an hour away from Auburn and entered civil engineering here without really knowing what I wanted out of it. I began traveling alone in college, and have become fascinated with the urban development of cities. In the future, I would like to incorporate our focus on sustainability into maintenance and revitalization efforts in urban and environmental settings."


Omkar Mulekar: Bolivia Team Lead

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: Senior

Favorite part of EWB: "The meaningful work."

Biography: "I was born in Mobile, AL.  I joined EWB in September 2016 hoping to help out. After traveling to Bolivia for an assessment trip in August 2017, I helped as the assistant team leader for the project. In January 2018, I became the team leader."



Stephanie Parsons: Rwanda Team Lead

Major: Mechanical engineering

Year: Senior

Favorite part of EWB: "My favorite part of EWB is getting to work with so many different people. Not only have a met so many awesome friends from all different majors and ages, I've also gotten to know some pretty cool professors who have helped me in so many ways. It has also been great traveling and getting to work with people from other countries and cultures; it's really taught me a lot and given me an open mind."

Biography: "My name is Stephanie Parsons, and I am a senior in mechanical engineering. I have been a part of EWB for 3.5 years now, and I've traveled to both Bolivia and Rwanda. I am so excited to lead our second implementation trip to Rwanda!"