Mail Notifications

*Please note we are currently investigating an issue that is preventing compute nodes from sending completion e-mail.  A workaround is to use the bsub -K option so that your script will return and allow you to send mail from the login node via script.

You might want to be notified of the status of your jobs without having to log in and check the queues.  bsub will send you e-mail notifications when your job reaches certain status levels.

Here are the main flags you’ll want to use:

-B: Sends mail to you when the job is dispatched and begins execution.

-u: mail_user Sends mail to the specified email destination.

-N: Sends the job report to you by mail when the job finishes. When used without any other options, behaves the same as the default. Use only with -o, -oo, -I, -Ip, and -Is options, which do not send mail.

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