Queue Information

To view the available queues and their basic limits, use the bqueues command.

To find more detail on a particular queue, use

bqueues -l <queuename>

The most meaningful numbers are the JL/U, MAX, and the RUNLIMIT.

JL\U is “Job Limit per User” or “Job Slot Limit per User.”  This is somewhat misleading, as it actually limits the number of cores that a particular user can occupy in the queue.  In LSF, a “Job Slot” is actually equivalent to a single processor (or core) in the cluster.

MAX is the maximum number of cores that can be occupied by the entire queue.

RUNLIMIT can be seen by viewing the queue details with the -l option.  You’ll see something like:

>bqueues -l short

2880.0 min of node072

Although this indicates a particular node, the number there reflects the run limit of any job in the queue.  In this case it is 2880 / 60 = 48 hours.


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