Transfer Files using Globus

The Hopper Cluster offers a free file transfer service through Globus. It is appropriate for transferring very large files between Hopper and other systems.

Designed for researchers, Globus is fast, reliable, and secure. You can use it to transfer files between your local machine and a remote machine, like Hopper, or between any two remote machines on which you have accounts.

How to use Globus to transfer files:

  • Login to Globus.
  • Choose Auburn University from the dropdown.
  • Log in with AU credentials.
  • Agree to everything.
  • Should now be on the Transfer Files page.
  • Click in the “Endpoint” box and search for “Auburn”.
  • Choose “auburn#hopper”.
  • Log in again with AU credentials.
  • You will see your Hopper home directory files in the transfer window.
  • On the other side, connect to another Globus endpoint.
    If you want to test a transfer, connect to one of the globus test endpoints ( like “ESnet Read-Only Test DTN at ANL” ).

For more information:
How to login and transfer files using Globus ( includes video )

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