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Proper acknowledgement of computational resources and HPC staff support in research at Auburn University is critical in soliciting HPC funding. Although metrics, such as the number of jobs ran, cluster utilization and proc-hrs used, indicate that HPC resources are in demand, acknowledgement in research publications is the primary means of proving that Auburn University’s HPC resources are actually in line with the institution’s goal of becoming a world-class research university and worthy of additional support and funding.

Please help show the importance of computational resources and OIT support staff in research at Auburn University by acknowledging such in any publication or presentation that are made possible using the Hopper Cluster.

Here are examples of acceptable acknowledgements:

This work was completed in part with resources provided by the Auburn University Hopper Cluster.

We are grateful for the support of the Auburn University Hopper Cluster for assistance with this work.

We acknowledge the Auburn University Hopper Cluster for support of this work.

The authors would like to acknowledge the Office of Information Technology at Auburn University for support and compute time  on the Hopper High-Performance Computing Cluster.

Please note that the Hopper Cluster is distinct and in no way related to the Alabama Supercomputer Authority and acknowledge each accordingly if used in your research.

Finally, if an acknowledgement is included your work, please send a brief email to

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