Beat Bama Food Drive collects 352,389 pounds of food to Beat Alabama in the 2021 Food Drive

Beat Bama Food Drive breaks competition record with 352,389 pounds of food collected


The 28th annual Beat Bama Food Drive concluded on Nov. 18 with a record-breaking 352,389 pounds of food collected to benefit the Food Bank of East Alabama. This is the highest total ever raised by both universities with the previous record belonging to the University of Alabama in 2018 with 309,194 pounds.

In total, Auburn University and the University of Alabama collected a record 671,826 pounds of food, with the University of Alabama’s Beat Auburn Beat Hunger Drive accounting for 319,437 pounds.

“This was definitely one of the best teams we’ve worked with over the past 28 years,” Martha Henk, executive director of the Food Bank of East Alabama said. “It is not an overstatement to say that this food drive determines whether some families will have holiday meals and have adequate food for their families beyond the holiday season. The food raised by Beat Bama Food Drive equates to more than 271,000 meals!”

According to Henk, the food collected is distributed into senior programs, low-income daycares, emergency food pantries, and missions and rehabilitation centers that are served by the Food Bank of East Alabama and the West Alabama Food Bank.

Since 1994, Beat Bama Food Drive has collected more than 4 million pounds of food uniting students, faculty, alumni, and community members to help fight hunger and food insecurity in East Alabama. This unique competition leverages the rivalry between the schools as they benefit local food banks, the state of Alabama, and those facing food insecurity.

“This is the largest food drive our food bank has ever experienced,” Henk said. “While it’s great to come out on top of this competition, the truth is that the real winners of the competition are the food insecure families fed through the food bank network.”

Beat Bama Food Drive would like to especially thank the following sponsors who made the food drive possible:

  • AuburnBank
  • Shipt
  • Gin Jager Studio
  • New South Research
  • Kroger
  • Lynch Toyota of Auburn

For more information on Beat Bama Food Drive, click here.


Explore (Emerge) Applications Now Available

Emerge at Auburn aims to help Auburn students develop skills to lead on campus, in the community, and in their future career field. Through our quality, meaningful and multiple access point leadership development opportunities, we will guide Auburn students in refining their profiles as successful, ethical and effective campus, community, industry and world leaders.

Emerge’s multi-tiered program structure is designed for students to engage in a comprehensive learning lab at their own pace and on their own time. Students will move through three phases of leadership curriculum, supplemented by various programs and initiatives. Additionally, an abundance of trained positional leadership opportunities and committee volunteer roles embedded within our programmatic structure provide students endless first-hand experience in the leadership development process.

Applications are now available for Phase 1: Explore Self! This phase facilitates students’ self-awareness and discovery. Weekly meetings will cover a range of leadership concepts, lessons and tactics such as values congruence, self-awareness, social identity, teamwork and community buildings, bystander intervention, communication, strategic planning, inclusive and equitable leadership, organizational change, resilience, emotional intelligence, service, and visioning.
Participants will create a personal leadership philosophy and add components highlighting their attitudes and beliefs towards leadership throughout the academic year.

Involvement Award Nominations

Student Affairs and Student Involvement will host the seventh annual Involvement Awards on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Held in the Student Center Ballroom, complete with a red carpet and plated dinner, this annual awards ceremony honors student leaders and student organizations for their service, commitment and accomplishments throughout the last year.

The recipients of the awards are kept confidential until they are announced at the event.

Please click here for more information about nominating an outstanding student organization, student leader, and/or organization advisor for an Involvement Award. Nomination forms will open on January 14, 2019 at 8:00 AM and will close on February 15, 2019 at midnight.

Standing Together Against Rape & Sexual Assault (STARS)

Purpose: Our founder is a sexual assault survivor who desires to take back her power and enable others to do the same. She wants to spread awareness about this issue, while helping other people stand up and speak out about the problems associated with rape and sexual assault.


Mission Statement: Healing, Advocacy, and Prevention. By providing survivors with resources to help them overcome their pain, and take the necessary steps towards recovery, long-term healing can begin to take place. By “Advocacy”, we refer to our plan to encourage survivors in their journey, while giving them the opportunities to support one another using their stories and experiences. Educating others about the realities of sexual assault will be one of our greatest tools to help prevent future attacks from happening in Auburn and beyond.


Goals: We aspire to visit numerous organizations on campus to educate students on the realities of sexual assault. Through the use of benefit nights and other fundraising efforts, we hope to financially support other organizations in the area that provide free counseling, medical, and legal services for sexual assault survivors. Finally, we want to educate our members on how to love and support their friends who have been assaulted, and provide a loving place of community for survivors and non-survivors alike.