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History of Beat Bama Food Drive

Beat Bama Food Drive

Since 1994, Auburn University and the University of Alabama students have competed in the weeks prior to the State’s biggest football game to see which University could raise the most food for their local food bank.  Auburn University’s Office of Student Involvement partners with the Food Bank in this effort.

The challenge has grown from a relatively small-scale event with about 1,000 pounds donated to becoming one of the largest food drives in the State.

The total pounds collected by both schools during this friendly competition is the equivalent of more than 6 million meals or over 300 tractor-trailer loads.

The real winners of this annual competition are the hungry families fed through the food bank network.  This food is channeled into the senior programs, low-income daycares, emergency food pantries, missions, and rehabilitation centers that are served by the Food Bank of East Alabama and the West Alabama Food Bank.

1 in 5 Alabama residents are considered “food-insecure.” For many, visits to the food pantry are no longer one-time emergency stops, but a regular part of the monthly routine to support their families.

We think of hunger as happening somewhere else in the world.  What is hard to believe is that it is happening here in our own country, but in Lee County alone, there are 26,560 people (including 7,010 children) who struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

It is not an overstatement to say that this food drive, the Auburn-Alabama Food Fight, determines whether some families will have Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and will have adequate food for their families beyond the holiday season.

Nothing compares to the football rivalry that exists in the State of Alabama!  This is about much more than the 60 minutes played once a year.  It is bragging rights for an entire year.  The opportunity to beat the opponent university is just too good to pass up!  This competition was the brainchild of Craig Young, former director of the West Alabama Food Bank, who felt that as long as there is this intense competition, we might as well put it to good use.

Annual Food Fight Results

The incredible aspect of this drive is that there are no losers. War Eagle to feeding THOUSANDS of individuals!

2021 352,389 319,437
2020 259,160 291,047
2019 229,361 278,788
2018 255,916 309,194
2017 232,544 260,453
2016 245,722 150,322
2015 211,625 116,370
2014 198,041 300,049
2013 169,702 299,398
2012 273,650 266,737
2011 134,102 237,079
2010 234,116 218,510
2009 164,034 175,653
2008 212,195 270,915
2007 181,017 241,336
2006 172,492 150,414
2005 99,678 62,014
2004 104,088 67,708
2003 72,456 61,595
2002 63,292 47,067
2001 43,168 26,891
2000 37,692 34,047
1999 24,582 31,639
1998 26,043 20,474
1997 21,146 19,008
1996 12,585 16,530
1995 567 5,012
1994 1,790 1,982
TOTALS: 4,033,153 pounds 4,279,669 pounds

Last modified: November 22, 2021