AUinvolve Event Registration

Fee Funded Organizations:

Organization Events (open to all students): All SAO events should be submitted through AUinvolve to ensure that students are aware of these upcoming activities. Any SAO event that is open to the general student population (outside of weekly meetings) should select the “SAO Event” category on the first page of the event submission process. This category will allow your event to automatically be listed on the Office of Student Involvement website calendar. Only SAOs should use this event category.

Organizational Activities: We encourage you to submit all of your organizational activities through AUinvolve (general meetings, events, etc). Submitting all of your activities on AUinvolve will assist us in making sure that you have followed any proper protocol associated with events and also provide your organizational members a central location for an organizational calendar. Organizational meetings & concourse time should not include the “SAO Event” category.

Student Organizations:

Student Organizations are expected to submit all organizational events & activities on AUinvolve. While AUinvolve is not the event approval agent for campus events, student organizations should register their activities prior to them taking place.

Organization Functions: AUinvolve provides a calendar for each student organization member to utilize. The calendar feature should be used to ensure that members within the organization are aware of activities and that all events are registered with the Student Involvement. All activities, special programs, speakers, concerts, social activities, workshops, meeting, etc should be submitted through AUinvolve. Most meetings and off campus events do not require additional approvals. With the exception of Student Affairs permits, registering your events on AUinvolve does not approve or deny it.  Read more about events that require campus wide approvals in Section V.

Permits: Student organization leaders may request most Student Affairs permits through AUinvolve. These permits include: Concourse/Outdoor Space, Open Air Forum, Promotional Areas, and others. Permits should be submitted at least 48 business hours prior to start time. For questions regarding any of these permits, contact Debbie Hood.


Last modified: July 30, 2020