Campus Event Planning System

All events being held on campus must submit an event request form through the Campus Event Planning System. Events are defined as gatherings or competitions with multiple people in attendance. Auburn University uses a level system to determine the type of event being held. General meetings (Level 1) do not require activity authorization unless you are bringing vendors on campus. Level 2-4 events do require proper authorization prior to an event. All events held on Auburn University are approved by the Event Management Committee.

Events that should NOT be submitted to the Campus Event Form:

  • Concourse, Banner, Billboard Permits (should be submitted to AUinvolve)
  • Organizational Meetings

Timeline for submission of events:

  • Level 2 Events: 50 or fewer participants – 15 days in advance
  • Level 3 Events: 150 or fewer participants – 20 days in advance
  • Level 4 Events: 150+ participants – 30 days in advance
  • Rule of thumb: Submit your event as soon as you know it’s going to happen & plan ahead!!

Items that may be requested from you from the CEPS:

  • Certificate of insurance (COI) from any third-party vendor
  • Hiring security- additional security may be requested to be hired at the organization expense
  • Minors on Campus paperwork & documentation

Last modified: February 26, 2021