Emerge at Auburn aims to help Auburn students develop skills to lead on campus, in the community, and in their future career field. Through our quality, meaningful and multiple access point leadership development opportunities, we will guide Auburn students in refining their profiles as successful, ethical and effective campus, community, industry and world leaders.

Emerge’s multi-tiered program structure is designed for students to engage in a comprehensive learning lab at their own pace and on their own time. Students will move through three phases of leadership curriculum, supplemented by various programs and initiatives. Additionally, an abundance of trained positional leadership opportunities and committee volunteer roles embedded within our programmatic structure provide students endless first-hand experience in the leadership development process.

Applications are now available for Phase 1: Explore Self! This phase facilitates students’ self-awareness and discovery. Weekly meetings will cover a range of leadership concepts, lessons and tactics such as values congruence, self-awareness, social identity, teamwork and community buildings, bystander intervention, communication, strategic planning, inclusive and equitable leadership, organizational change, resilience, emotional intelligence, service, and visioning.
Participants will create a personal leadership philosophy and add components highlighting their attitudes and beliefs towards leadership throughout the academic year.