According the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association at Auburn University, independent invetors today face many struggles. These struggles include protecting their patents from being stolen by big companies, finding investors, and navigating a set of laws that both protect those with ideas and punish those who may seek to steal them. Many of these problems are byproducts of the influence that big companies currently have on the system that passess judgement on these cases. This past month, the group of Auburn students traveled to Washintgon D.C. to work to rectify this system of laws, with hopes of encouraging future generations of inventors and entrepreneurs, and helping to make the American dream possible again.

During their time in D.C., the group was able to explore the city, meet with inventors and entrepreneurs much like themselves, and speak with attorneys at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The group also participated in the first ever Inventors Group of America conference, and attended presentations, learning from prominent names in the field. Finally, these students put their leadership skills to the test, expressing their concerns over the problems facing investors today to members of the House and Senate.

As the youngest entrepreneurs at the event, these students commented on how much they enjoyed the trip, as it gave them invaluable connections and experiences that will help them later in their careers.