The information on this tab is intended for student organization leaders. Advisors can access information pertinent to them under the advisor tab on the main page.

Selecting an Advisor:

When selecting an advisor, find someone who will have the time to devote to your organization. Make sure that this person will take the role willingly and seriously, and find someone who has knowledge or skills related to the mission/purpose of the organization. Make certain that he/she has a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose. Discuss with the potential advisor what is required of him/her, his/her duties, and the time commitment involved. Be open and honest with the potential advisor about the types of activities in which the organization may participate. Allow the person a reasonable length of time to consider his/her decision. If possible, choose someone who shares some of the same interests as the organization, and who has previously interacted with the leadership of the organization.

Role of Advisor:

By sharing both knowledge about the university and personal experiences, the advisor can assist the organization in the conduct of its activities. Advisors should encourage and advise the organization in carrying on an active and significant program and work with the officers to promote the effective administration of the organization. In addition, valuable, mutually rewarding, co-curricular relationships between students and advisors are fostered. The relationship between an advisor and an organization will vary from year to year and individual to individual. However, the student/advisor relationship can be crucial to the success of the organization. It is important that the advisor and the organization communicate their expectations to each other. The advisor should be very clear about the things he/she will do, and the things he/she will not do.

Advisor Changes:

Student Organizations are required to maintain a current advisor at all times. It is the responsibility of the Student Organization to ensure that Student Involvement is aware of any advisor changes. Advisor changes may be made online through AUinvolve. Please share the Student Organization Advisor Expectations & Agreement with the new advisor which includes a link to update their information.

Last modified: January 12, 2022