Student Center Event Information

The Student Center is a great place for student organizations to host regular meetings or events of any size. Student Center rooms may be booked through Student Center Reservations at 844-1303. Rooms should be booked well in advance to ensure availability. Student Center rooms are free of charge to Auburn University student organizations, but additional costs may be required for setup, equipment, or type of event.

Equipment The Student Center will provide up to a certain number of tables & chairs for your event. These may be setup to the organizations specifications to Student Center Reservations well in advance of the time of your reservation. Last minute changes to setup may not be accommodated. Projectors are available and should be requested when booking the room. Both PC and Mac adapters are available to plug into the projectors. Additional equipment (staging, microphones, podium, etc) is available for an additional cost.

Any event, meeting, or activity in the Student Center wishing to serve food must use Tiger Catering. Tiger Catering provides a variety of options for student organizations to choose from.

Click here to access the Student Affairs Reservation’s website.


Campus Event Planning System:

An Event governed by the Campus Events Policy is any gathering that occurs on the Auburn University Campus (defined below) and meets at least one of the following criteria and should be submitted to the Campus Events Planning System:

  • Expected total attendance of 100 or more people;
  • Requires issuance of a permit by the University or governmental authority (e.g., permit under thePolicy on Tent Usage, alcohol permit, etc.);
  • Attendees, participants, and/or invitees include individuals who are not university students,faculty, or staff;
  • Involves one or more outside vendors, contractors, or exhibitors (e.g., caterers);
  • Involves Minors (defined below), as participants or attendees in any capacity;
  • Involves group physical or other high-risk activities (e.g., Run/Walk events and interactivegames); or
  • Involves the service and/or consumption of alcohol.

The Campus Event Planning System (CEPS) is located at The event form should be completed by the deadline listed on the event website or as soon as your organization has set the date for the event to take place. The event form is not a booking agent, student organizations must ensure that the venue they wish to host their event is available and tentatively booked prior to submitting the form. Additional materials may be requested including, but not limited to: Certificates of Insurance for any outside vendor, Event Insurance, Waivers, Contracts, etc.


AUinvolve Event Submissions:

Registering Events/Meetings

All functions of student organizations (both on campus and off) should be submitted to AUinvolve for registration. The AUinvolve system will allow for the Office of Student Involvement to be aware of all activities of the organization as well as assist the organization in ensuring they have received the proper permits. Registering events through AUinvolve will also assist the organization in creating a full calendar on their site that will be available for students on their roster.

Permit Registrations

The AUinvolve event feature is also how student organizations may apply for permits such as concourse, advertising, etc. Do not confuse applying for a permit to be the same as registering your organizations events and activities.

Sound Permits:

Student Organizations wishing to host events outside may be required to obtain a Sound Permit. Sound Permits are issued through Facilities Management and may be applied for here.

Social Events

This policy is intended to promote safe and responsible social events for Auburn University’s recognized student organizations. It does not supersede any local, city, state, or federal law, university policy, or policies of an organization’s international headquarters. If the aforementioned laws or policies do not agree, the organization must adopt the more stringent of the two.

This policy governs events hosted by Auburn University’s recognized student organizations, including but not limited to fraternities, sororities, sport clubs, honor societies and all other recognized student organizations.

Responsibility of Organization Leader

The Student Organization Social Event Policy may be located on the University Policy database, or directly by clicking on the following link:

Student Organization Social Event Policy

Before a student organization is permitted to host a social event, the active president and at least one additional officer (risk manager, social chairperson, or another executive officer) must complete an annual social event training session. Trainings will be hosted by Student Involvement, Greek Life and Campus Recreation. For additional questions or training needs, please contact the respective office: Student Involvement (334-844-4788), Greek Life (334-844-4600), Campus Recreation (334-844-0023). Additionally, the student organization must confirm, via the event registration form, that all current members received the Social Event Policy.

Resource Documents, Procedures & Policies:

Below are several documents made available to you as you go about planning an event. If you need further assistance, contact a Student Organizations Advising Staff member.



Student Affairs Reservations Website



The planning of any campus event should include preparation for student, employees, and visitors with disabilities that may attend. Below are some suggestions to help ensure our campus event are welcoming to all participants. If you need assistance with any of the topics below, please contact the Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096.

  • Pre-event publicity should include a statement encouraging participants to contact a particular person or department to request accommodations.
  • Provide information about accessible parking, accessible entrances, accessible restrooms, and path of travel.
  • If a participant request braille or other accessible materials be available, contact the Office of Accessibility at 844-2096 to help with the conversion. Please allow adequate time for the production of accessible materials.
  • All videos should be captioned and turned on.
  • If sign language interpreting and captioning are being provided, include directions to the best view for participants.
  • Typically two sign language interpreters will be needed for events. Contact the Office of Accessibility for a list of resources.
  • During on-site registration, ensure that the staff is aware of the location of accessible seating, restrooms, parking, and elevators.
  • In case of an emergency, an evacuation plan should be developed to assist patrons with disabilities get to a safe location. Contact the Department of Public Safety and Security for guidance and possible training.
  • Designate someone to assist with the carrying of materials, meals, and other items.
  • Ensure straws are available if serving refreshments.

More guidance from the Office of Communication and Marketing on hosting disability friendly events.

Statement Example for Event Announcement:

If you need disability related accommodations or wheelchair access information, please contact (person/office) at (include phone and email address). If you need Sign Language Interpreting or Live Captioning at the event, please notify the (person/office) as soon as possible. The University will always do its best to fill interpreting or captioning requests; however, it may be impossible to coordinate interpreters or captioning request without reasonable notice.



One privilege of being a student organization is the ability to market and advertise events and activities on Auburn University’s campus. Proper usage of any marketing materials or activities is required of student organization. The university’s Policy on Campus Advertising & Distribution outlines the proper means of advertising and the appropriate areas to advertise on campus.

No advertisement, press release, invitation, poster, flyer, or public announcement is permitted until Student Affairs Reservations confirms available spaces and dates. Verbal commitments are not acceptable – no exceptions. No advertising materials may be displayed on the interior, exterior, or in any part of the Student Center without specific authorization and content approval from Student Affairs Reservations. All posted material must have a permit number located on the lower-right hand corner. If unauthorized advertising materials are found posted in the Student Center, these items will be removed.



All student organizations must apply for permits through the AUinvolve system. Students with appropriate access on the organization’s AUinvolve page will be able to submit a permit for approval. Permits are submitted as an event through the event feature. (Ex. Event Name “Hey Day Billboards”)


Concourse/Outdoor Use:

Outdoor Event Spaces:
Haley Concourse, Roosevelt Concourse, Thach Concourse, Open Air Forum and Quad Entrance Patio


Requesting a Space:
Reservation requests are submitted online through AU Involve through our organization’s event portal. Please submit requests at least five business days in advance of the event. Requests submitted after these time periods may be declined. If your event is approved please print out the permit generated from AU Involve and keep it with you at your event.

Groups needing a table or chairs must make arrangements through the Facilities Division at 844-4357 at least 24 hours in advance or must provide their own table and chairs. The Student Center will be unable to provide a table for outdoor use. (Exception: Participating organizations in O-Days)

Please remember your reservation is not final and your event location should not be publicized until you have received confirmation from the Student Affairs Reservations office. Student Affairs Reservations has the right to limit how long and how often a department or organization can reserve facilities.

HOURS OF OPERATION:(excluding home games)
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Amplified Sound
Any group requiring the use of amplified sound will need to fill out the amplified sound permit for approval.
Hours of amplified sound:
Monday-Thursday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Food is allowed and must be prepackaged, sealed, and purchased from USDA/FDA approved companies. Outdoor food preparations must adhere to the Alabama Department of Health, Food Service Guidelines (guidelines can be found at No food items may be sold on any outdoor event space.

Electrical Outlets:
Electrical outlets are not accessible.


Signage is defined as any printed and/or created material posted with the intent of advertising, informing, and/or recognizing university events, organizations, or any other approved advertisement. This includes but is not limited to banners, posters, yard signs, plywood boards, flyers, and/or any other type of advertising.


Banners must be approved and posting permits must be obtained through Student Affairs Reservations for any banner being posted in or on the Student Center. Once the posting permit has been obtained, submit all banners to the Reservations Office by 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the intended posting date. Any items received after 4:00 p.m. may not be posted on the approved date(s). Banners may be posted for two weeks and removed after permit has expired.

Banner specifications are as follows:
• Banners must be 4 x 4 feet.
• The orientation of the banner must be landscape (wide).
• Banners must be made of vinyl with all 4 sides heat welded and grommets installed every 2-3 feet along the hems, across the top and bottom of the banner.

Yard Signs:

Yard signs may be used for directional use only on the day of the event. Any other use of yard signs is prohibited.

Yard sign specifications are as follows:

• Yard signs must be professionally made.
• There is a maximum of 5 yard signs per event.
• Signs may only be displayed the day of the event no earlier than 6:00 a.m. and must be removed by 10:00 p.m.
• Signs may only be placed in grass areas, not in landscaped beds.

Prohibited Items:

A-frames, window paint or decals, chalking, and sidewalk decals are prohibited in and around campus buildings

This Week at Auburn:

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Last modified: October 20, 2021