Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is the process of advising organizations of the potential and perceived risks involved in their activities as well as, taking corrective actions and proactive steps to minimize accidental injury or loss. It is important that student organizations take precautions and carefully plan their activities so they can avoid situations that may jeopardize their standing as an organization on campus and limit their risk.

Fire Prevention:

A fire can start at any time and place. Student organizations should have a working knowledge of what to do to prevent a fire and in the case that there is a fire. There are basic precautions to take in order to reduce the risk of fire damages. When locating a place to have an event or meeting, consider the following questions:

  • Are there sprinkler systems in place?
  • What is the maximum occupancy and will you exceed that limit?
  • Are any props or decorations flammable?
  • Are the smoke detectors blocked or covered?
  • Do the smoke detectors work?
  • Are there “EXIT” signs that are clearly marked?
  • Are you aware of the escape method in case of a fire?
  • Does your facility meet yearly fire inspections?

Please contact the City of Auburn Fire Department for any concerns relating to the safety of your building and any further questions about fire safety at (334) 501-7286. Also, please refer to Auburn University Fire Safety Policy here.

For more information, visit the Risk Management & Safety website, please click here.



Drug-free Campus and Workplace Policy Statement Standards of Conduct 

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of illicit drugs or alcohol by students or employees of Auburn University are prohibited at any time on any University property or at any University activity. No employee will report for work or will work or be present in the workplace that is impaired by an illegal drug or by alcohol. No student will attend classes or any University activity that is impaired by illegal drugs or alcohol.

For more information on Drug safety please visit Auburn University Smoke-Free Campus Policy here. For Auburn University’s Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy click here.

Drug-Free Campus Disciplinary Sanctions 

Individuals refusing to comply with this policy and repeat offenders must be addressed through the existing disciplinary policies outlined in the Student Code of ConductFaculty Handbook and the Human Resource policies housed in the University Policy Database.




The possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages by students, employees, and visitors is prohibited on Auburn University property, with limited exceptions.

Violators of Auburn University Policy are subject to the enforcement of Alabama state law governing the use of alcohol by appropriate city, county, and state officers, irrespective of any additional action that the University may consider appropriate under the disciplinary policies governing students and employees.

For more information on Auburn University Campus Alcohol Policy please click here.


Waivers/Hold Harmless Agreements:

To reduce risk, it is important to have members and participants to sign a waiver explaining the risk that participants are assuming. Depending on the nature of your activity, you may want or need participants to submit waiver forms. Please contact Risk Management and Insurance at (334) 844-4533 for more information.


Risk Analysis Guide:

The operations of student organizations have become complex and the possibility of litigation occurring as a result of their activities and programming is greater than ever before. Given the increased risk to both student organizations and their participants, Auburn University would like to be able to approach these exposures proactively by providing student organizations with a way to examine and manage the level of liability exposures during student organization activities. While the risks are in some respects not as extensive as those faced by for-profit businesses, student organizations still face many of the same risks as those that face the private sector.

The purpose of this risk management checklist is to provide a brief outline of some of the more important issues that student organizations may need to consider to ensure that everyone involved has a safe and fun experience. Risk management is the proactive process of analyzing potential and perceived risks involved in specific activities and taking the corrective steps to protect against such risks. This checklist provides a general overview of the many considerations that student organizations and their advisors may need to be aware of to both identify and manage risks to avoid questionable situations. Any unique or potentially risky events should be discussed and evaluated carefully and well in advance of the particular event.


Event Insurance, TULIP:

To protect the student organizations and their members, Auburn University may require organizations to purchase liability insurance for events held on campus. Insurance may also be required for the following events:

  • Physical activity or competition including 5-k walk/run, a triathlon, or a sporting tournament
  • Concerts, exhibitions, dances, festivals or rallies
  • Attendance by large numbers of students
  • Attendance by persons who are not Auburn students
  • Events with games, rides, inflatables or other amusements
  • Events with vendors or performers/concerts
  • Events that invite persons less than 19 years of age, persons who are not university students
  • Any other event that may pose a liability to the group or the university

For more information about TULIP, please click here.


Minors on Campus:

Many organizations may be interested in hosting events that require minors on campus. The university recognizes that numerous circumstances exist in which non-enrolled minor children (individuals under the age of 19) either visit campus facilities or otherwise have contact with university representatives, including faculty, staff, volunteers and students. The university offers many coordinated opportunities for minor children to visit campus through scheduled campus events, academic and non-academic programs, or as guests of students and employees. With this understanding, Auburn University recognizes both its institutional and legal obligations to ensure the safety and well being of minor children that are on campus, in university facilities, participating in university-sponsored events, or involved with university-affiliated individuals.

To ensure the safety of University students as well as non- enrolled minors please visit Minors on Campus and Auburn University Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and/or Housed in University Facilities.



Weapons Policy Auburn University prohibits the possession and use of any dangerous or potentially dangerous weapon(s) or instruments, including but not limited to those described below, on all University properties, with limited exceptions. This policy is applicable to all members of the University community, including students, faculty, staff, visitors (invited or uninvited), contractors, and guests at any University campus, facility or event.

For more information about weapons on campus please visit Auburn University Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy




Student Involvement is dedicated to being proactive in working with organizations to assist them in managing the risk that can occur in the course of various student activities. We believe in a hands-on approach in working with our student organizations order to create a positive University setting.

Office of Risk Management & Safety Contacts:

Patrick White





Last modified: September 9, 2020