Our Staff

Director & Assistant Directors

Brad Smith

Director of Student Involvement

Charlotte Brown

Assistant Director Leadership, Service and Programming

Kelby Lamar

Assistant Director Student Governance and Organizations

Business Office

Missy Hill

Business Coordinator of Student Involvement

Becky McKeen

Administrative Support Associate

Tamikka Radford

Administrative Support Associate

Stephanie Ross-Strickland

Administrative Support Associate

Communications & Marketing

Amy Shugart

Communication & Marketing Specialist

Leadership Programs

Alonzo Cee

Coordinator, Leadership Programs

Hannah Gerken

Coordinator, Leadership Programs

Chapman Cooper

Graduate Assistant, Leadership Programs

Service Programs

Charlie Gordon

Graduate Assistant, Service Programs

Student Governance

Jamie Calvert

Graduate Assistant, Student Governance

Student Organizations

Alexis Davis

Coordinator, Student Organizations

Brooks Triplett

Graduate Assistant, Student Organizations

Student Media

Brit Bowen

Coordinator, Student Media

Billy Ferris

Coordinator, Student Media

Student Programming

Dana Gramuglia

Coordinator, Student Programming

Sarah Patterson

Coordinator, Student Programing

Last modified: September 3, 2021