Start a New Organization

Thank you for your interest in becoming a student organization at Auburn University! Numerous organizations with a variety of interests and goals are available for students at Auburn and yours can add to this exciting mix of opportunities for student membership.

Provisional Status

An organization is given a maximum of one year of Provisional status before they must apply for permanent status to become an officially recognized AU student organization. During the Provisional period, the organization must complete the following in order to apply for Permanent status:

  1. Submit materials and be approved through the organizations board. You can apply for provisional status here.
  2. Once approved for provisional status, the organization must attend New Organization Training
  3. Must attend 3 Involvement Webinar Series opportunities hosted by the Office of Student Involvement and the Involvement Ambassadors
  4. Must complete the Online Student Organization Training (the organization president will be enrolled in the training course after o-board approval and will have a month to complete the training course)
  5. Must have President, VP and Treasurer if collecting dues
  6. Must have 10 members
  7. Must have full-time faculty/staff advisor
  8. Must apply for permanent status within a year of becoming provisional using the Permanent Status Request Form.

If the above requirements aren’t completed within a year of becoming provisional the organization will be placed on a probationary status until the requirements are fulfilled. 

Organizations on Provisional status are eligible for all benefits with the exception of the ability to apply for Organizations Fund monies and the use of Auburn University marks/logos. Only Permanent organizations are eligible to apply and use the Auburn University marks/logos.  An organization remains active as long as they meet the annual requirements to remain a recognized AU student organization.

Click here to download the Provisional Status Information Packet with helpful resources to aid in your application process.

Need Help Starting a New Organization?

Students wishing to start a new organization and would like to ask questions, brainstorm, or speak with someone may e-mail to set up an appointment with an Involvement Ambassador or one of our staff members! Appointments are strongly encouraged!

Spring 2021 O-Board Hearing Dates:

February 2
March 2
March 16
March 30
April 13

Last modified: February 26, 2021