How to request a project

Step one: submit a marketing request form

In order to process the large amount of requests we receive, we ask that Student Activity Organizations submit a marketing request form hosted under “forms” on the Student Involvement AUinvolve page. There is no limit to how many forms you can submit. If you have specific questions you can email Amy Shugart¬†prior to submitting your request.

Step two: your designer will contact you

Once your project has been approved, it will be assigned to a student designer based on the date it is due. Your designer will email you to introduce themselves and ask for any additional information they may need. At this point, if you have changes to your request or additions you may send them directly to your designer (always copy your advisor).

Step three: your project will be designed!

Once your designer starts working on your project you will be communicated to at each phase. Your first draft will come on a proof sheet that says “initial design” on the side. Every proof afterwards will include the words “revised design.”

A sample of an initial design proof sheet.
A sample of a revised design proof sheet.


Step four: final proof

Once you are happy with your design, you will receive a final proof. We must have approval on this version of the proof before we can move on to the production phase or issue you your final files.




A sample of a final proof sheet.


Step five: production

At this point, we will finish out the project process. If you have requested that materials be ordered we will communicate with vendors and let you know when your materials have been delivered. If you have only requested a digital graphic or t-shirt design we will send you the artwork at this point.


Last modified: August 12, 2021