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Micro-Computed Tomography Measurements in Electronics



Electronic components may be subjected to significant deformation under the action of thermal and mechanical loads during operation and storage.  The use of thin material layers in addition to fine embedded interconnects limits the possibilities for the integration of sensors to measure deformation and strain.  Previously, deformations in in electronic components and assemblies have been measured using optical methods including moiré interferometry and digital image correlation – both of which require the cross-sectioning of the solder joint to gain access to the joint of interest for the purpose of strain and deformation measurement.  Cross-sectioning is an invasive technique which requires discarding a portion of the package.  In addition, the measurements are often limited to line of sight allowing measurement of only the optically visible cut-section.  In this research area, methods are being studied for non-contact measurement of displacements in electronics layers and interconnects, non-invasively using a combination of x-ray computed tomography and digital volume correlation.  The new class-of-methods does not require cross-sectioning of the part for the purpose of deformation and strain measurement.  In addition, the measurements are not limited to the joints in the line of sight.

Representative Publications

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