Presentations at APS-DPP

The MPRL group will be making contributed and invited presentations at the upcoming American Physical Society – Division of Plasma Physics meeting. Check them out:

Wednesday morning
B. DoyleNP10.00079 Impedance Probe Measurements in Dusty Plasma
E. AguirreNP10.00080 Ion Flows and Ion Temperature in Magnetized Dusty Plasmas
E. ThomasNP10.00081 Current research on the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX) device
S. LeBlancNP10.00082 Dust void formation within magnetized dusty plasmas
M. McKinlay NP10.00084 Investigations into the control of dust charge in complex plasmas
D. FunkNP10.00088 Charge Analysis techniques for Magnetized Dusty Plasma Flows
L. Scott NP10.00091 Investigating the Thermal Properties of a Complex Plasma
S. JaiswalNP10.00098 Modification of particle growth in a highly magnetized argon-acetylene plasma.
N. I. Arnold  NP10.00115 Optical emission diagnostics and modeling of H2-rich microwave plasmas containing B2-H6
Wednesday afternoon
T. HallQI3.00002 Microparticle Dynamics in the Presence of Externally Imposed, Ordered Structures in a Magnetized Low-Temperature Plasma
S. WilliamsPP10.00042 Filamentation in Capacitively Coupled Magnetized Plasmas
Thursday afternoon
M. MenatiUO4.00013 Pattern formation and filamentation in low-pressure, low-temperature magnetized plasmas: A descriptive model