Student Theses

These pages link to student research work that was performed in the Plasma Sciences Laboratory

  • Zachary Aldewereld (BS, Physics, 2007), “Development of segmented electrodes to manipulate dust clouds in a dc glow discharge dusty plasma” (Undergraduate Honors Thesis)
  • Jeremiah Williams (PhD, Physics, 2006), “Measurement of the thermal properties of a weakly-coupled complex (dusty) plasma” (Dissertation – Link to menu; Dissertation – Link to AU e-disseration page)
  • Ashley Eadon (PhD, Physics, 2011), “Modification of Flow and Flow Driven Instabilities in the Auburn Linear EXperiment for Instability Studies” (Dissertation – Link to AU e-dissertation page) 
  • Erik Tejero (PhD, Physics, 2011), “Spontaneous Electromagnetic Emission from a Strongly Localized Plasma Flow” (Dissertation – Link to AU e-dissertation page)
  • Mark Cianciosa (PhD, Physics, 2012), “Measurements and Modification of Sheared Flows and Stability on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid Stellarator” (Dissertation – Link to AU e-dissertation page)
  • Ross Fisher (PhD, Physics, 2012), “Measurement of the phase space distribution in a complex plasma” (Dissertation – Link to AU e-dissertation page)
  • Ami DuBois (Ph.D., Physics, 2013), “Laboratory Investigation of the Dynamics of Shear Flows in a Plasma Boundary Layer” (Dissertation – Link to AU e-disseration page)