Nature-themed Birthday Parties


The Kreher Preserve & Nature Center is a wonderful destination for themed, nature-based birthday parties! Trained teachers/naturalists provide age-appropriate programs for each party including a 20- to 45-minute program with hands-on activities and animal encounters, a 30-minute nature hike, and a t-shirt for the birthday child (1 per party).

Tables, chairs, and some themed decorations and displays will be set up with posters and other items, including live insects, reptiles, or other animals.  Parents are in charge of birthday decorations, food, and clean-up.  The first and last 30 minutes of the 3-hour rental period are designated for set up and clean up.

Six themed parties are commonly offered (see below).  Custom parties can be created if there is a special theme that the child would like (a $25 fee will be charged for program design).

Birthday parties are $125 for up to 20 children and $5 for each additional child.  Party organizer must have a current KPNC membership.


A Critter Caravan brings the party to you! Critter Caravans include a themed program with live animal encounters and an optional, age-appropriate activity, as well as a t-shirt for the birthday child. Critter Caravans are $150 for a one-hour program and can be scheduled at a location of your choice within 20 miles of the preserve (mileage rates apply beyond 20 miles).

Birthday Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you and everyone at the Kreher Preserve know how special my son’s birthday party there was! He said it was his favorite birthday yet! All of the guests kept telling us how unique and enjoyable it was, and they all loved the real animals! We wanted to give a special thanks to Soraya, the leader of the reptile program! Her enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge about animals kept every single person at the party interested and entertained! That is really saying something since we had kids starting at age 2 to adults up to age 70! This birthday party definitely goes down in the books as one of the best! Thanks to all of you at the KPNC for doing everything you do to make fun parties and programs like this possible!”

Birthday Themes


This program is designed for children ages 2-4.  Puppets and live animals will be presented on covering a wide variety of topics including animals, reptiles, amphibians, plants, and trees.  Plenty of hands-on learning will keep them entertained.  A follow-me hop, skip, and jump hike will be led to the playground.


This program will be presented with several live specimens including snakes, lizards, and turtles for the children to hold and/or touch.  Each child will be given a rubber snake or lizard to take home. Children will then take a short hike to the pond and Reptile Rest to look for reptiles.  In case of rain, we’ll replace the hike with a craft to make a bead bracelet (7 and older) with the pattern of a coral or scarlet king snake (red on yellow- kill a fellow, red on black, venom lack) to take home.


This program on amphibians will be presented with many live specimens for the children to touch and /or hold.  Frog coloring sheets will be available at beginning of party for children to work on till everyone gets there.  On the hike, children will visit the pond to look for frogs and listen to their calls.  Each child will receive a rubber frog.


This program on insects includes several live specimens including the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, worms, and a tarantula will be available for the children to hold and touch. Children will go on an insect scavenger hunt, learn how to use butterfly nets, and get to see insects up close in catch boxes.  Each child will be given a rubber insect to take home.


This program highlights the beauty of nature found at the Preserve and gives children the opportunity to create their own art project.  Children will use magnifying glasses to look up close at items in nature. Nature photographs will be displayed and discussed. And on the hike, children will gather items to put on their nature bulletin board that they will make to take home.


Warm for the Winter teaches children about the various ways animals keep warm for the winter. The birthday child will be dressed-up to demonstrate how humans stay warm and the children will examine animal pelts to see how animals stay warm. On the hike, children will look at animal burrows and squirrel nests. This program includes a campfire at the fire pit where they can roast hotdogs and/or marshmallows (supplied by parent(s)).  This program is offered during the winter months, November and March only.


Birthday parties are scheduled as either a morning party or an afternoon party – precise timing is flexible.  Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance.  Please be aware that community programs, camps, and other events may present scheduling conflicts.  For more information or to schedule a party, contact the KPNC Education Director: