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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Spring 2022


Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Amanda Weisman, Growl with the Dinosaurs, Rrrrrrr!

Rilee Blair, Spraying Silly String with S

Tyler Jaynes, Pop the Popcorn with P

Vera Havard, Hiss with S

Anna Grace Wilson, Bouncing Balls with Bruce

Brandy Samuel, Singing with L

Chappell Shiflett, Bounce the Basketball with B

Madison Horne, Cook Bacon with S

Presley Bracke, Popping Popcorn with Polly!

Katie Fillingim, Kick like Kangaroo with K

Anna Cooley, P is ImPortant

Camryn Arrington, Sausage Sizzling on the Stove with S

Sarah Bianco, Bounce the Basketball for B

Katie Poole, Bouncing a Basketball with Letter B!

Anna Marie Lyles, Eat your Muffin with M

Kayla McCary, Zipping with Zappy the Zebra

Madison Tyree, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock with T

Catherine Curran, Blowing Bubbles with B!

Gentry Jarrell, Bounce the Ball with B

Lauren Dallas, Kick with K

Katie Wallis, Learning H with the Huffing Hippo

Katie Beth Wakefield, Tick Tock with T

Virginia Williams, The Laughing Hyena says “Ha Ha Ha!”

Grace Anne Erwin, Mom Makes Muffins with M

Lauren Meyer, M is for Mittens

CallieBeth Stankunas, Pop the Bubblegum with P

Addy Henderson, Slithering Like a Snake

Ashley Pankey, Work Your Wand with W!

Lauren Bell, Tick Tick Tock with the Letter T

Catherine Ahia, Feeling Hot with H

Emily BaumanPopcorn Popping P‘s

Lara Hejazen, Bang the Bongos with B

Kelsey Darwin, Gobble Food with G

Hanna Cate Armstrong, Hopscotch With H

Mackenzie Henry, Pop the Popcorn with P

Adrianne Smith, Beat the Big Drum with B

Jack Coffey, Bouncing a Ball with B!

Jordyn Butts, Popping Popcorn with Letter P

Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Tyler Jaynes, “Uhhh, I Don’t Know”

Brandy Samuel, Ants Love Apples

Katie Poole, (B)aaaa Goes the Sheep!

Katie Fillingim, i… That Thing is Icky Sticky

Madison Tyree, Sticky Icky Sticky

Catherine Curran, UMM, I don’t know!

Katie Beth Wakefield, Uhhh…Uhhh…

Katie Wallis, Otter on Ice Says ‘Ahhhh’

Amanda Weisman, Screaming Aaaaa at the Zombies

Presley Bracke, Crying Baby Says Aaaa!

Rilee Blair, Uhhhh, What’s Going On?

Addy Henderson, What Sound does the Squeaky Door Handle Make?

Ashley Pankey, Waaaaaa Goes the Baby!

Emily BaumanIcky, Icky, Sticky Short i

Vera Havard, The Crying Baby a, a, a!

Hanna Cate Armstrong, “Aaa” Cries the Sad Baby

Katie Watson, Uhhh, What’s up Doc?

Lauren Harris, The Laughing Lamb Says “aaaa”

Skylar Jenkins, Itchy, Itchy Mittens

Audrye Carpenter Icky! Sticky!

Julia Thomas King, Aaaa, I Am Scared

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Madison Horne, Race For Cake

Sarah Bianco, Let’s Bake a Cake!

Camryn Arrington, Blow on the Marshmallow

Anna Grace Wilson, Mr. Ape say “/A/, /A/, /A/” (a_e = /A/)

Anna Marie Lyles, I Will Do It

Kayla McCary, Hit the Woah with O!

Gentry Jarrell, I Think So!

Lauren Dallas, I See a Bee

Virginia Williams, Take a Cupcake with /A/ 

Chappell Shiflett, Let’s Make a Cake with Blake

Lauren Bell, Sheep that Need Sleep

Grace Anne Erwin, Let’s Go to the Lake

CallieBeth Stankunas, Nice Mice Like Rice

Lauren Meyer, /E/ is for whEE!

Anna Cooley, Long E with Double e

Catherine Ahia, Oooh! Shiny!

Kelsey Darwin, Learning A with Ayyy

Lara Hejazen, Sneak Around the Room

Mackenzie Henry, Make a Cake with Jake!

Adrianne Smith, The Seal Say E! E! E!

Jack Coffey, Ride a Bike With Mike!

Jordyn Butts, Let’s Skate with Mae Mae

Amber Parr, Moose, Goose, Loose!

Rebecca McGinnis, Beep Beep! Watch Out It’s E!

Anna Leigh McGraw, Eeeek! It’s Creepy E!

Mia McInvale, EEEAAA, We’re Best friends!

Franny O’Gwynn, Let’s Bake a Cake

Maggie Williford, There’s A Snake in the Lake!

Charlotte Youmans, Opening the Door with /E/


Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching reading with automatic word recognition

Tyler Jaynes, Wriggling into Fluency

Madison Horne, Rats Racing for Fluency

Sarah Bianco, Fluency While the Bear Snores On

Katie Poole, Feeding on Fluency!

Brandy Samuel, If You Give a Reader Fluency

Camryn Arrington, Caterpillars Crawling to Fluency

Anna Grace Wilson, The Very Hungry Reader

Anna Marie Lyles, Sliding into Fluency

Katie Fillingim, Let’s Get Fancy and Fluent with Fancy Nancy

Madison Tyree, Swimming Fast into Fluency

Catherine Curran, Flying into Reading Fluency

Katie Beth Wakefield, Thanking into Fluency

Kayla McCary,  Flourishing in Fluency

Gentry Jarrell, Fabulous Fluency

Lauren Dallas, Flying for Fluency

Virginia Williams, Worry-Free Fluency

Katie Wallis, The Moose Craves Fluency

Amanda Weisman, Bouncing into Reading Fluency

Chappell Shiflett, Playing Ball for Fluency with Amelia Bedelia

Presley Bracke, Pete the Cat and His Four Fluent but Groovy Buttons!

Rilee Blair, Partying through Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Lauren Bell, Bear With Me, You Are Becoming An Independent Reader

Grace Anne Erwin, If you Give a Mouse Fluency

CallieBeth Stankunas, The Sweet Treat of Fluency

Lauren Meyer, Reading Fluently with Grumpy Monkey

Addy Henderson, All Aboard the Fluency Train!

Anna Cooley, Zooming for Fluency

Ashley Pankey, Fluency is the Jam

Emily BaumanGroovy Fluency with Pete the Cat

Catherine Ahia, Every Cowgirl Loves a Fluency Rodeo

Vera Havard, Fishing For Fluency

Kelsey Darwin, Walking into Fluency

Lara Hejazen, Digging Our Way Through Fluency

Hanna Cate Armstrong, Froggy Flops Into Fluency

Mackenzie Henry, Scurrying Into Fluency!

Adrianne Smith, Sailing to Fluency Success

Jack Coffey, Sailing Into Fluency!

Jordyn Butts, Wild About Fluency

Amber Parr, Fluency with Frog and Toad

Katie Watson, Move Forward for Fluency 

Lauren Harris, Jumping to Literacy with Junie B. Jones

Rebecca McGinnis, Becoming Fluent with Pete the Cat

Anna Leigh McGraw, Froggy Learns Fluency

Skylar Jenkins, Fancy Fluency

Audrye Carpenter, Fluency Can be Fun with Junior B!

Mia McInvale, Don’t Let the Pigeon Forget About Fluency

Julia Thomas King, Moooing into Fluency

Franny O’Gwynn, Fishing for Fluency with Rainbow Fish

Maggie Williford, Flying into Fluency!

Charlotte Youmans, Partying into Fluency


Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Madison Tyree, Summarizing with Spotted Salamanders

Katie Beth Wakefield, Swimming into Summarization

Sarah Bianco, Speeding into Summarization with Cheetahs

Anna Grace Wilson, The Summarizing Sharks

Kayla McCary, It’s Sweet to Summarize!

Katie Fillingim, Great Summarizing with a Great White Shark

Gentry Jarrell, Roaring into Summarization

Katie Poole, Summarizing with Sea Turtles!

Lauren Dallas, Summarization with an Electric Eel

Camryn Arrington, Summarizing with Space Shuttles

Madison Horne, Sailing into Summarization

Anna Marie Lyles, Orbiting into Summarization

Virginia Williams, Summarizing in Space

Chappell Shiflett, Reading into Summarization with Sharks

Katie Wallis, Pouncing on Summarization

Amanda Weisman, Leaping into Summarization

Presley Bracke, Summarizing with Sea Turtles!

Rilee Blair, Shuttle Summarization to Space!

Lauren Bell, Summarizing with Stripes

Grace Anne Erwin, Swimming into Summerization

CallieBeth Stankunas, Roaring and Summarizing with Lions

Lauren Meyer, Swimming into Summarization

Addy Henderson, Summarizing with Sean the Seal

Anna Cooley, Swinging into Summarization

Tyler Jaynes, Swimming into Summarization

Emily Bauman, Bee-utiful Summarization

Catherine Ahia, Racing Into Summarization

Vera Havard, Summarization of the Solar System

Kelsey Darwin, Swinging into Summarization

Lara Hejazen, Hopping into Summarization

Catherine Curran, Swimming Into Summarization

Hanna Cate Armstrong, Summarizing with Sea Turtles

Mackenzie Henry, Stomping Into Summarization

Adrianne Smith, Let’s Make a Summary Salad

Jack Coffey, Getting Healthy With Summarization!

Brandy Samuel, Hopping into Summarization

Jordyn Butts, Summarizing in the Sea

Amber Parr, Storming Through Summarization

Katie Watson, Swimming into Summarization

Lauren Harris, Slithering to Summarization

Rebecca McGinnis, Swim to Summarization

Anna Leigh McGraw, Soaring into Summarization

Skylar Jenkins, Summarization Under the Sea

Audrye Carpenter Swimming into Summarization

Mia McInvale, Discovering Life on Mars through Summarization!

Franny O’Gwynn, Diving With Dolphins into Summarization

Maggie Williford, Swinging Into Summer with Summarization

Charlotte Youmans, Swimming into Summarization!

Lessons for teaching visualization

Ashley Pankey, The More You Know, The More You Grow

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