Dr. Moose has had an awesome semester break and hopes that everyone else has too.

He is excited that the New Year and spring semester are right around the corner. He loves his breaks partly because it gives him time to reflect on how much he loves his work too. Dr. Moose is not setting any New Year’s resolutions because he has studied the research and knows that they rarely work. He’s sticking with the basics and hopes you do too. In the coming semester, he plans on getting plenty of exercise (join him for Get Mov’in with Dr. Moose), eating a moderate amount of healthy kibble, taking plenty of naps to supplement his regular nighttime sleep, intentionally scheduling lots of study time (his personal favorite is tennis balls but books are okay too), and maintaining and nurturing all of his important relationships. Keep an eye out for Dr. Moose this semester because he plans to be out and about frequently!