SCPS Statement on Racial Injustice

Student Counseling & Psychological Services (SCPS) joins the rest of the Auburn Family in expressing our grief, sorrow, and compassion to all those who have been impacted by the race-based tragedies that have been occurring across our nation. As President Gogue has stated, “While we acknowledge the painful reality that prejudice and bigotry exist, we stand resolute that they have no place in the Auburn Family. As an institution that values and embraces each individual, we oppose hate and exclusion and acts that promote them.”

While these tragedies can be traumatizing for all of us, we recognize that they may be especially injurious to members of our Black and African-American community. In the aftermath of experiencing or witnessing trauma, it is normal to experience a range of feelings and emotions, such as shock, fear, sadness, anger, helplessness, and guilt. As the mental health resource for Auburn’s student body, SCPS is committed to affirming and providing care for all of our students who have been directly or vicariously impacted by trauma. We encourage you to contact our office if you (or someone you know) would like support with coping and healing.

In addition to our usual mental health resources, we would like to highlight two therapy groups that are occurring this summer that may be of particular interest, the Black Experience Group and the Empowerment Group. Both groups will allow a space to explore the trauma associated with race-based tragedy. For individuals who need a break from talking to facilitate their coping, SCPS also offers resources that are more strategy-focused including empowerment and self-care workshops. SCPS will incorporate other resources and additional support based on student need and feedback.

Wishing all of our students comfort, support, and validation.

The SCPS Staff