Auburn Student Counseling Services (SCS) is proud to debut its newest endeavor to better serve Auburn University students!  We are unveiling our PEAK clinic, which stands for Performance Enhancement in Academics and Knowledge (PEAK).  The main mission of PEAK is to help students perform at their–well, peak–by providing performance enhancement skills that are typically reserved for performers in elite endeavors, such as athletics, business management, and the performing arts.  Skill-building in areas such as emotional management, attentional focus, goal-setting, mental imagery, relaxation skills, mental rehearsal, and pre-performance routine planning are often used by elite performers to help them gain the mental toughness necessary to perform at a high level.  Similar performance pressures exist for students, so PEAK is here to provide the student community resources to help them improve academic performance.

At this time, there are two main services provided by PEAK:

  1. Executive functions screening: If you suspect that you may have a condition that negatively affects your academic performance, including ADHD, you could participate in a ~2 hour screening program to determine next steps to pursue a diagnosis.  You have to become a client of SCS to participate and it costs $200.  For more information, contact SCS at 334-844-5123.
  2. Brown-bag workshop series: Learn mental toughness skills during a 1 hour drop-in workshop every Thursday at noon, starting Feb 5th!  You do not have to be a client of SCS and meetings are held in the Student Center, room 2109.  Bring your lunch for a nice place to sit during busy Student Center hours!

Bookmark this blog page, because I will be updating the blog with various tips from “people in the know” about performance psychology.  Use this information to reach your PEAK!