Homecoming Weekend

TIGER was on display at the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering tailgate this Homecoming — and several Sol of Auburn alumni stopped by to see the project.

1. Neal Allgood, Aerospace Engr, — the person who led the building of TIGER’s Kevlar body.

2. Chris Trueblood, Electrical Engr, — Team Captain from 2002-04, also a member of the 2005 team; the only one to go on two races

3. Jeff Vollers, Computer Engr, — driver for the 2003 event

4. Vince Moody, Civil Engr, — helped build the 2003 solar array in-house, the only time we’ve pulled that off

5. Mike Haught, Mech Engr, — Team Captain 1991-92, led the team to a third place finish in the California Clean Air Race (CalCAR)

6. Josh Dyer, Electrical Engr, — helped build 2003 car body

7. Jason Summers, Mech Engr, — Team Captain 2001-2002, led the team through a particularly rough financial stretch, built 2003 chassis

8. Jonathan Perkins, Mech Engr, — recent team member, helped build radiator shroud and other TIGER body parts

Sol of Auburn Team Members Past & Present with Dr. Bhavnani

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