AUSSP Auburn University Small Satellite Program

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Program Missions

1U CubeSat
Funding: Alabama Space Grant
Status: Launched Oct. 2011 – End-of-Mission

Two 6U Cubesats
Funding: NSF
Science: Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes

12U CubeSat
Funding: Air Force UNP
Technology: Quantum Key Distribution

3U CubeSat
Funding: Army SMDC
Technology: Hybrid Retrodirective Array in X-Band


The Auburn University Small Satellite Program (AUSSP) is both a space science and technology research program and a workforce development program. Our students receive a cradle-to-grave design, build, test, and operation experience with CubeSats.

AUSSP began in early the 2000’s under the guidance of Dr. JM Wersinger (Physics). Dr. Wersinger guided the program through its first CubeSat mission, AubieSat-1. As an emeritus professor in the Auburn Physics Department, Dr. Wersinger still interacts with students on occasion, however, Drs. Michael Fogle (Physics) and Mark Adams (Electrical and Computer Engineering) now serve as the primary mentoring faculty of the program.

The program typically has about 30 undergraduate students, from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, involved in the program. We are always looking to recruit interested students.

Last modified: August 18, 2022