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Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc, Hungary is in the northeastern region of Hungary near the Slovakia boarder. Why does the fourth largest city in Hungary need the Red Cross’s help?


In recognition of World Food Day, Dennis Engel with the University of Miskolc (‘Miskolci Egyetem’ in Hungarian) arranged a collection day with the Red Cross. Along with raising money, they collected nonperishable foods. Engel and the Red Cross collected $45 in cash and food items worth about $93 at booths set up at both entrances to the university. Engel says that “we believe that the Red Cross is in a better position to distribute anything we collect, whether food or cash donations, than we here at the university are.”



“This chapter was started last spring.  I took up a new position at this university in September of 2012 after having worked at Saint István University in Bekescsaba, Hungary for three years where some students and I started the first UFWH chapter in Hungary in the spring of 2011.  We held some very successful campaigns there, helped in large part by our being given access to hold collections at a super market across the street from the Bekescsaba campus.  Because I know the problem of hunger is something we should not ignore, and building on the positive experiences I had in Bekescsaba, I hoped to have similar results in Miskolc.  So, I shared information about UFWH with my classes to let students know about it, and asked them to start a group here.” -Engel

Posters like this one were used to advertise the collections.


Engel hopes that the Miskolc chapter will progress just as the Bekescaba has, although the Bekescaba chapter has faltered within the past few year. If you have any ideas to help these chapters grow, or would like to be in contact with Dennis himself, email him.