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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Do you have someone hard to shop for? Or someone who already has everything? Or how about someone who is involved in charity work? Even someone who simply enjoys the ideas of a gift that not only benefits themselves, but others as well?


The person you have in mind right now is the type of person Kini is. Kini lives in Fiji and is the definition of a loving, strong mother and a positive, inspirational light to those who are lucky enough to enjoy her company.

But that doesn’t answer our question. You have this person you need to shop for (or let’s be honest, after you see these, you may want one yourself!) This simple necklace is much more than it seems. It’s a donation towards the house that will be home to all of Kini’s family, it will be the setting of the stories she tells to her guests for years to come. Kini’s new house will be able to light up her life just as she has lit up others’.

Handmade and simple, it’s an elegant accent piece with class. Not only is it attractive, but it is easily a conversation starter! Necklaces are easily purchased on the dellamae Etsy shop for $30 which completely goes toward construction on the house and shipped from Auburn, Alabama.



Everyone needs G.E.A.R., right? “Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent” showcases unique, recycled and reinvented items that would most likely be thrown away as extras.Located locally in Auburn, Alabama, G.E.A.R. is owned by Kellie Guthrie and managed by Kathryn Guthrie. Their main goal is change- change for the world.G.E.A.R. offers one-of-a-kind home accents and handmade purses and bags. Their collection can be found on re-invention.org along with their story.