Month May 2014

Hofstra Hunger Project

Our chapter at Hofstra University (Hofstra Hunger Project, or “HUnger Project”) has been very active since we first started in April 2012.  We have a Recycle to Feed system on campus in which we collect bottles and go recycling every weekend to raise money (each recycled bottle gives us $0.05 and, as you know, through the WFP it costs $0.25 to feed a child.  Thus, with 5 bottles we can feed a child.  We have raised $229 in one year, which gives 916 meals to children and we’ve sent a check to the WFP this summer.  Last semester (Spring), we have raised $5,342 for schoolchildren in The Democratic Republic of Congo (the event was called “Hofstra 4 Congo,” you can check it out in more detail on our Facebook page).  We have many plans for this semester, including a Charity Miles 5k run (in which we can donate to the WFP), visit and help out at a soup kitchen, and fundraise to have at least 10 $25 loans to send to Kiva to help solve the problem of hunger.


You can find more information on our website: and photos on our CollegiateLink page.