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Writing Plans at Auburn University

Following the recommendations from the Writing Initiative Task Force Report, Auburn’s writing initiative uses an embedded or integrated approach to include significant writing experiences in every undergraduate major. In 2010-11, every undergraduate major submitted a writing plan for review by the Senate’s University Writing Committee. As new majors are created, they submit a writing plan as well. Writing plans are approved if they meet the five principles of writing established by the Committee. Programs submit an implementation review report to the Committee every third year. The Committee analyzes assessment data on writing as well as these review reports and makes recommendations to departments, the Office of University Writing, and the University Senate as appropriate.

Getting Started

New Majors

The University Writing Committee has created a guide to help you create a writing plan. The guide lays out two ways to approach the process of creating a writing plan and outlines the elements of a writing plan product to be submitted to the UWC for approval. Click here to view the guide.

Curricular Changes that Do Not Impact Existing Approved Writing Plan

If your program is making a curricular change that does not alter your existing approved writing plan, you can make that clear to reviewers by being sure to list “effective communication” or “writing” as one of your learning outcomes and demonstrating that your program understands and is still ensuring that the five principles used to approve writing plans are still in place.

Sample Writing Plans

2020-2021 University Writing Committee Meeting Schedule

September 5
October 1
November 5
December 3
January 28
March 4
April 1
April 29

If you are submitting a writing plan for a new major, please send it to the committee at least 9 working days before the meeting you would like your plan reviewed.

Review Reports

The University Writing Committee reviews and assesses how programs incorporate writing into their curriculum. For more detailed information about this process, select one of the links below:

Looking for your program’s writing plan?

Contact us if you would like to view the writing plan or earlier reports from your program.

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