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AUrora and Open-Access Publishing

26 April 2017

AUrora and Open-Access Publishing Many of us are familiar with the following experience: we’re at home, doing a literature search for our latest article or trying to incorporate a specific source recommended by a reviewer.  Maybe we started at the library’s databases, but even librarians have been known to start with Google.  So we use […]

Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback

21 February 2017

Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback This year the University Writing Committee has been listening to faculty across the university talk about writing in their disciplines. One common pattern we’ve noticed is that faculty are concerned that offering feedback on student writing is both time consuming and doesn’t always seem to result in students improving their […]

Reflective Writing in ePortfolios

3 February 2017

Reflective Writing in ePortfolios Motivating students to invest in a course beyond just turning in assignments and taking tests can be a tall order. Students sometimes struggle to make connections between courses and have a hard time understanding why they are asked to do certain assignments, thinking of them as “just assignments.” ePortfolios create an […]

Motivating Deeper Learning

13 January 2017

Motivating Deeper Learning Motivating students to learn can be a challenge. Many students want good grades, but don’t see much connection between the things they are asked to learn, especially in foundational courses, and the goals they have for their futures. In such cases, the work professors ask students to do is too often seen […]

Managing the Time for Writing

29 November 2016

Managing the Time for Writing One of the reasons why writing is considered a “high-impact practice” is because writing typically requires focused attention and time on the task, two components that have been shown to have a positive impact on student engagement and increase their learning. Unfortunately, students too often miss out on this positive […]