How To: Confirm if your data record was submitted successfully to AWW when entering data online.

We have recently had a few volunteers who have entered data online, but have not seen their data on the Data from Tables or Data from Maps. This could be because it was not submitted successfully into the AWW Server. We want to help you ensure that you have successfully submitted your data to AWW. Follow the steps below to learn how to check if we received your data!

1. Login to your AWW Welcome Page and select a data type to start entering data.

Enter data and make sure to add yourself as a monitor if you conducted the tests.

2. Click “Confirm Record” at the bottom of the data entry page.

3. Review your data entry and click “Edit Record” if you notice errors or click “Submit Record to AWW.”

4. The next page provides several options. Select “View Chemistry records on Aww Server.”

5. On the following page, you can view the data record just submitted on the AWW Server. Your contact ID should show up under the “Sender” column. If your data record does not show up on this page, please contact the AWW Office.

5. After successfully submitting a record through Online Data Entry, you will receive a confirmation email that looks like the example below. If you do not receive a confirmation email, be sure to check your Junk or Spam Inbox, or check to make sure you are using the same email address that is on your AWW Welcome Page.

Please contact the AWW Office for any questions!