Some Facts:
International Students are NOT allowed to work Off-Campus through out their stay. No exceptions. If caught, deported directly.
On Campus Jobs wont waive your tuition. You need to still pay the out-state tuition.
Graduate Research and Graduate Teaching Assistants get full fee waiver.
Health Insurance is COMPULSORY. The ones bought in India are NOT valid here.
The apartments CANNOT be booked in advance, as they require about $200 deposit and 1st month’s rent in advance.
Medical examination to be done in India as specified in the documents, is compulsory, don’t take risks, you may be asked to do them here at cost. And get them filled in that place itself.
Give us your travel plans in advance, so that we can arrange for your transportation from Atlanta, GA, and your Initial stay.
Make sure that your flight reaches Atlanta before 6:30 pm(EST).

Some Advice:
Please take all facts and calculations in account before starting your new adventure here. The rules and regulations here concerning all aspects viz. academics, policies, university/government rules are very strict with no exceptions or waivers.
Please do not direct your queries to many people at a time. Kindly understand, we are ordinary students like you guys, we ourselves are busy here, kindly give us time for your reply. We (at least myself) get an average of 10-15 emails per day!
This is a bad phase in this nation’s economy, take that into account. The economic slowdown has affected both jobs and funding at schools. Plan for long term goals, its an important phase/transition in your lives.
Finally, please don’t ask us about other universities, we don’t have any info about them. We’ll end up giving you wrong info most of the times. And, kindly be specific in your questions

Services we offer to new students is out of concern and interest we have for. Please be respectful of our time.