New Students

A word to prospective Auburn Tigers

On behalf of the entire Indian student community at Auburn, we congratulate you, on your successful admission at Auburn and invite you aboard. Established in 1856, AU is one of the largest and oldest universities in South. It is a great place for academics, research, sports, football and fun. And it does not take long to be charmed by the Auburn Spirit.

Auburn is a small, pleasant and a safe university town situated in East Alabama. Its amicable and diverse inhabitants make it a great place to live in. Auburn is home to about 100 Indian families and over 250 Indian students.

ISA at Auburn has been active on campus for over 25 years now and is recognized by the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. The mission of this organization is to promote the welfare of Asian Indian students on campus and to educate the Auburn community about Indian art and culture and to contribute to the diversity that exists at Auburn. ISA is a voluntary and non-profit organization.

ISA helps new incoming students every year with their travel plan co-ordination, transport and temporary accommodation. We are expecting an enrollment of over 30 Indian students for Fall 2013. On an average we receive around 10 emails a day from new students. Please be aware that the services we provide to all of you are voluntary and that all our office bearers are graduate students busy with work, research and academic commitments. We are positive that the contents on this web page would provide answers to most of your questions. However, should you have other questions, feel free to email us. We ask that, you be patient and considerate while expecting replies from us.

We wish you the very best in all your endeavors & thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you.