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I am Dr. Bruce Murray–the Reading Genie–an associate professor of Reading Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Auburn University. Actually, there’s nothing magic about learning to read when we base our instruction on the science of reading education.  We can plan lessons using this public knowledge base to ease children into reading and spelling with the alphabetic code.  Soon they will be reading independently with understanding and enjoyment.

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Making Sight Words


Now available from Linus Books: The complete and updated explanation of the ideas on teaching reading summarized briefly on this site. Making Sight Words applies reading research to provide explicit directions on how to help children learn to read words effortlessly, without memorization. This is the book I wish I’d had when I first studied Reading Education. Click here for a synopsis of the book.

Warning: Do not buy a used copy of Making Sight Words on Predatory book sellers are selling used copies beginning at $289.95 and going up to $917.87! The retail  price of Making Sight Words at Linus Books is $68. Auburn University Bookstore sells it for $72.50, with used copies for about half that. Don’t be taken to the cleaners by the rip-off artists.

LESSONS: These links take you to research-based instruction in learning to read.

GENIE BOOKS: Drafts of stories for our new decodable book series.

FROM THE CLASSROOM: These lessons apply scientific knowledge of reading with creativity and flair.

MATERIALS: These links take you to materials for reading teachers, especially preservice teachers enrolled at Auburn University.

TEACHING IDEAS: These links take you to ideas for teaching students how to read, especially by tutoring.

RESOURCES: These links take you to other interesting information about reading on the web.

RESEARCH: These links take you to state-of-the-art research about reading.

CRITICAL READING: How to strip away emotional language, sort facts from opinions, examine the qualifications and motives of writers, and consider whether the evidence warrants believing a claim as “nothing but the truth.”

SUMMER READING TUTORING: Information about this year’s Auburn University summer tutoring program for struggling readers.

Check back for more research-based information on teaching children to read.
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Study Sphere Award

Last modified: May 21, 2019