Bruce Murray, College of Education The Reading Genie



Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Spring 2021


I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Jase Phillips, Vacuum with the Letter V

Cate Behl, Tick Tock, It’s Time for

Shelby Ptak, The Big Bad Bulldog

Anne Lupo, Click your Camera with C

Sarah Elliott, SHHH Sheep on the Ship!

Brooke Baker, Gulp a Soda with /g/

Dawson Horn, Flying Around with Vinny the Insect

Lily Stewart, Slithering Like a Snake with the Letter S

Annie Sedgwick, Talking /t/ with Tim the Tiny Turtle

Ivy Hughes, Derek D. Digs in the Dirt

Katie Stuart, Huffing Henry

Katherine Apel, Clicking to Find Curly C

Grace Fletcher, Polly Pops the Pretty Pink Balloon P

Taylor Hartley, R Growls Like a Bear

Laurel Jones, Pop the Popcorn with P!

Catherine Harrison, Pat Pops Popcorn

Haden Bishop, The Big Blue Ball Boings

Paige Norris, Searching for Snaky S

Mackenzie McCollum, Popping Popcorn with P

Lindsay Laycock, The Hot Hippo Hops in the Water

Hannah Peralo, Popcorn Pops with P

Melissa Milford, Joyful Jellyfish Jumps for Letter J

Madelyn Lewis, Munching on M

Nancy Kate Walker, Cry Baby A

Maggie Glidewell, Huffing and Puffing with H!

Chloe Campbell, Moo with M!

Rachel Paradise, H for Hot Hot Hot!

Sydney Muse, Hey Batter Batter, Swing the Bat!

Peyton James, Huff Like a Hot Hound with H

Piper Belcher, Typing on the Keyboard with T

Nadine Johnston, Hip Hop for H

Kaitlyn Rancher, Making Muffins with Mary

Kelsey Bryant, Bounce with B

Brittany Davis, Monsters Munch on Muffins

Caitlin Gerard, Gulf Your Grape Soda with G

Laney Powell, /s/ Slither Like a Snake 

Caroline Rhyne, Yummy Foods That Make You Use M

Ashley Rella, Dana the Dizzy Dinosaur Stomps and Falls

Jenna Repoll, Slide Down J

Savannah Miller, Gulping Glugging Grape Soda G

Olivia Rogers, Butterflies Batting with B

Meg Walker, Calling All Cats

Geri Murray, No More Scratches /ch//ch//ch/

Lily Strange, Ping-Pong Paddle P

Lauren Bruce, Dancing with Diane the Dinosaur

Lacquel Daigle, Ridiculous Tigerrrrrs Go Roarrrr!

Maria Sellers, Beware of the Snake’s Hiss With S

Haley Smith, Let’s Pop Some Popcorn with Piper!

Saragrace Sawyer, Cookies for Carter’s Class

Jordan Timmerman, Hiss Like a Snake With S

Zoe Sirmans, Playing With AirPods

Katelyn Roberts, Tick Tock Goes the Clock, /t/

Alexa Stephenson, S-s-slithery Snake!

Spencer Downs, Making Money with M

Elizabeth Davis, Tap with T

Sara Stewart, Hopping Home with the Letter H

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Cate Behl, Open Wide for O

Anne Lupo, Icky, Sticky Glue

Sarah Elliott, ICKY STICKY Ice Cream!

Dawson Horn, Eating an Apple Like /a/

Lily Stewart, Aaaaaaahhhhh at the Dentist

Annie Sedgwick, “Oooo, Ahhhh.” Short Vowel O

Ivy Hughes, A Confused Caveman Says “Uuhhh”

Katie Stuart, Crying Baby Says “Aaaa”

Grace Fletcher, “Aaaaaa” Cries Baby Addie

Taylor Hartley, Yawn Like a Dog

Jase Phillips, Ehh? What Was Said?

Laurel Jones, Aaaa, I’m Scared!

Catherine Harrison, Aaa! A monster!

Mackenzie McCollum, Uhhh, Pup!

Lindsay Laycock, The Crying Baby Says Aaaa!

Melissa Milford, Short O Goes to the Doctor: Say AHHH!

Nancy Kate Walker, Icky I

Peyton James, Um Yum

Nadine Johnston, Aaaa-Choo!

Kelsey Bryant, Learn E with Ed

Olivia Rogers, Icky is Sticky

Caroline Rhyne, Aaaaaaah, a Bear!

Ashley Rella, Aaaaaaa! I’m Scared!

Lily Strange, Under my Umbrella

Lacquel Daigle, Aaaaaa, Rollercoaster A!

Haley Smith, Uhhh What’s Up?

Saragrace Sawyer, Icky, Sticky, Icee

Jordan Timmerman, The Bad Black Cat

Zoe Sirmans, Uh, I dUnno know?

Katelyn Roberts, Icky Bubble Gum!

Alexa Stephenson, Aaaaa…Scaredy Cat!

Spencer Downs, /o/ Open Wide at the Dentist

Sara Stewart, Aaaaa, you scared me!

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Brooke Baker, Aye Aye Captain!

Shelby Ptak, I Says “Hi!” to E

Katherine Apel, Oh, I Hear O!

Haden Bishop, Ew a Spider!

Paige Norris, Aye, aye, Captain

Lindsay Laycock, Flying into Fluency

Hannah Peralo, Shake with Grace and Jake

Madelyn Lewis, Aye Aye Captain

Maggie Glidewell, Eek! A Mouse

Chloe Campbell, OW, I Stubbed my Toe!

Rachel Paradise, Moo Says Ruby the Cow!

Sydney Muse, Sarah Says “ew!”

Piper Belcher, Say Cheese!

Kaitlyn Rancher, Ride a Bike with Mike

Brittany Davis, Go Home, Ghost

Caitlin Gerard, Eee a Mouse!

Laney Powell, Boo! Says the Ghost

Jenna Repoll, Peek-A-Boo with /E/

Savannah Miller, Aye, Aye Captain Eyepatch!

Meg Walker, OO, Have You Heard the Cow Say Moo?

Lauren Bruce, Aw, How Cute!

Maria Sellers, Let’s Play on This Sunny Day

Elizabeth Davis, Grade A

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Anne Lupo, Becoming Fluent with Amelia Bedelia’s Bake Off

Cate Behl, The Couch Potato’s Leap to Fluency

Sarah Elliott, Floating in Fluency

Brooke Baker, Fly Into Fluency!

Dawson Horn, Escaping to Fluency

Shelby Ptak, Junie B. Jones Is a Fluency Animal

Lily Stewart, Fluency with Junie B.

Annie Sedgwick, Becoming Captains of Fluency (with Junie B. Jones)

Ivy Hughes, Knocking Fluency Out of the Park!

Katie Stuart, Fishing for Fluency

Katherine Apel, Searching for Fluency

Grace Fletcher, Fishing for Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Taylor Hartley, Flying into Fluency

Jase Phillips, If You Give a Mouse Fluency

Laurel Jones, Dance with Fluency

Catherine Harrison, Racing to Read

Haden Bishop, Swimming into Fluency

Paige Norris, Becoming Groovy with Fluency

Mackenzie McCollum, Catching Fluency

Hannah Peralo,  Hunting for Dinosaurs and Fluency

Melissa Milford, A Dog-gone Good Reader

Madelyn Lewis, Figuring Out Fluency

Nancy Kate Walker, The Fluent Fish

Maggie Glidewell, Falling Into Fluency

Chloe Campbell, Fluency with Frog and Toad

Rachel Paradise, Fancy Fluency with Fancy Nancy

Sydney Muse, Flipping Through Fluency!

Peyton James, Running on Fluency!

Piper Belcher, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Fluency Fish

Nadine Johnston, Swimming with Sharks!

Kaitlyn Rancher, Charlotte’s Fluency Web

Kelsey Bryant, If You Give a Pig a Fluency Lesson

Brittany Davis, The Pigeon Has to Grow Fluency

Caitlin Gerard, A Basket Full of Fluency

Laney Powell, Reading Fluency with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Caroline Rhyne, Perfect Fluency with Olivia the Pig

Ashley Rella, Smelling with Fluency

Jenna Repoll, A Fluency Christmas with Jack & Annie

Savannah Miller, Gliding like a Dragon Towards Fluency

Olivia Rogers, Finding our Fluency

Meg Walker, Fluency with Finger Food

Lily Strange, Growing Fluent with Lucky Ducky

Lauren Bruce, Exploring the World with Two Tiny Mice and Fluent Readers

Lacquel Daigle, Talking Tacos and Fluency

Maria Sellers, Eating Our Way Through Fluency with Dr. Suess

Haley Smith, Going Fishing For Fluency

Saragrace Sawyer, Fluency is Fun!

Jordan Timmerman, Fluency Design

Zoe Sirmans, Flying Jets like Flying Fluency

Katelyn Roberts,  A Fluent Fish

Alexa Stephenson, Let’s Dive Into Reading

Spencer Downs, Flying into Fluency

Elizabeth Davis, Frog and Toad are Fluent Readers

Sara Stewart, Fluency with Ms. Frizzle!

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Lily Stewart, Summarizing with Dr. Suess

Anne Lupo, Swimming into Summarization

Annie Sedgwick, Reading Comprehension is Turtlely Awesome

Sarah Elliott, Summarizing is Sweet!

Shelby Ptak, Roaring About Summarization

Ivy Hughes, Swimming with Sharks into Summarization

Katie Stuart, Swinging into Summarization

Katherine Apel, Wondering About and Summarizing Women’s History!

Grace Fletcher, Summarization with Elephant Seals

Taylor Hartley, Swimming into Summarization

Laurel Jones, Splashing with Summarization!

Catherine Harrison, Slithering into Summarization

Haden Bishop, Hopping into Comprehension

Paige Norris, Getting Fit with Summarization

Mackenzie McCollum, Roaring into Summarization

Dawson Horn, Leap Into Summarization

Lindsay Laycock, Swimming for Summarization

Lauren Bruce, When Plant Becomes Predator: A Summarization

Hannah Peralo, Succeed in Summarizing with Mr. Fox

Melissa Milford, Practice Summarizing with Pandas

Madelyn Lewis, Swimming with Summarization

Nancy Kate Walker, Surprises with Summarization

Maggie Glidewell, Swimming into Summarization

Chloe Campbell, Summarizing with Whales

Rachel Paradise, Making Waves with Summarization

Sydney Muse, Swinging for Summarization

Peyton James, Skiing into Summarization

Piper Belcher, Surfing into Summarization

Nadine Johnston, Reaching for Summarization

Kelsey Bryant, Running to Summarization with Cheetahs

Brittany Davis, Summarizing Into Space

Caitlin Gerard, Erupting with Summarization

Laney Powell, Use Your Eyes to Summarize

Caroline Rhyne, Hopping into Summarization

Ashley Rella, Swimming into Summarization with Sea Turtles

Jenna Repoll, One Big Step with Summarization

Savannah Miller, International Summarization Station (ISS)

Olivia Rogers, Summarizing with Sharks, Reading to Learn

Meg Walker, Summarizing with Salamanders

Lily Strange, Summary Sandwich

Lauren Bruce, When Plant Becomes Predator: A Summarization

Lacquel Daigle, Swinging Into Summarization

Maria Sellers, Singing with Summarization

Haley Smith, Let’s Run to Reading Comprehension

Saragrace Sawyer, Analyzing the Alligator

Jordan Timmerman, Reading to Learn Design

Zoe Sirmans, Reading to Learn

Katelyn Roberts,  Lesson Name Whatever It Is

Alexa Stephenson, Reading Up a Storm!

Spencer Downs, Slithery Summarizing

Elizabeth Davis, Summarizing with Sea Otters

Sara Stewart, Jumping into Summarization!

Lessons for teaching visualization

Jase Phillips, Veer into Visualization

Brooke Baker, Twisting Into Visualization

Kaitlyn Rancher, Swimming into Visualization


Last modified: October 11, 2021