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Lesson Designs Spring 2015

Lesson Designs Spring 2015

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Morgan Dunn, Buzzing Like a Bee With Z
Wendy Alley, Don’t just Say it–Spray it
Kate Farley, Harry and Henry Huff and Puff With H
Morgan Gunter, Hurry Down the Hill With ​H
Cate Holley, Slither Like Sammy the Snake Wth S
Emily Davis, Drive the Racecar with V
Clarice Smith, Gulping Gallons of G’s
Spenser Phillips, Popping Popcorn With P
Kristen Hall, The Big GULP: Discovering the Letter G
Rachel Heavlin, Gulping a Glass of Gatorade with G
Taylor Britton, Rain Rain Go Away With SH
Allie Harmon, Ha Ha Having Fun With H
Chelsea Hall, Pant Like a Dog With Letter H
Savannah Adcock, Tap It Out with T!
Kelly MacLachlan, Slithering Sssnakes
Lauren Ayres, Sweeping with SHHH
Margaret Finkbohner, TICK, TICK, TICK, goes the TICKING clock with T
Keneisha Garrett, Jack Escapes the Box to teach Mr. J
Halley DeLidle, Henry Hops His Hurdle
Jessica Cooley, Buzz like a Bee with the Letter Z
Michaela Daugherty, Yak Lifts Weights
Bailey Samples, All Aboard The Choo-Choo Train (Ch-Ch-Ch)
Anna Knowling, Rex & Rover Growling with R
Addie Herrlin, Swish Like a Squirrel’s Tail With S
Katie Osborn, Sarah the Sassy Snake
Madison Marie Johnson, Fish and Sheep and Sharks, Oh My!
Laurin Thrower, Trains That Go Choo-Choo!
Karley Franklin, Pippy’s Playful Puppies
Robyn Hunter, P-P-Popping Bubbles with P
Kailyn Webb, Buzz Buzz Goes the Bee with the Letter Z
Brittany Revel, SSS Goes the Snake
Savannah Duke, W…W… Whish Goes the Jump Rope
Hannah Carrell, Rrrruff Like the Rowdy Dog
Madison Wolanek, Beat Still My Heart​
Madison E. Johnson, Dribble Dribble With the Letter D
Caroline Gagnon, Duh! Who Doesn’t Know D?
Kaley Stew​art, Bouncing Bunnies with B
Maddie Vavala, Blowing Big Bubbles with Baby
K.K. Hines, B-B-Beating the Drum
Hannah Deaver, Boom Boom the Sound of My Heart

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Wendy Alley, Underhandedly Untangle the Unusual
Madison Wolanek, Icky, Sticky, Pig
Clarice Smith, Icky Sticky Bubblegum
Rachel Heavlin, Say “Ahhhhh”
Taylor Britton, Ahh, That Feels Good With Short O
Chelsea Hall, Say Ahhhh
Kaley Stew​art, I Am So Icky and Sticky
Savannah Adcock,  “Uh, uh!” with Bill the Boxer
Jessica Cooley, Open Wide and Say ‘Ah’ With Short O
Michaela Daugherty, Ed the Elderly
Morgan Gunter, Baby Abby Says “Aaaa!”
Madison E. Johnson, Icky Sticky Glue
Addie Herrlin, Uh! I Understand!
Caroline Gagnon, Short I
Emily Davis, Icky Kitten Bit the Mitt
Karley Franklin, Ellie the Elephant says the Creaky Door says Ehh
Robyn Hunter, Icky  Drippy  Sticky Ice Cream
Cate Holley, Chuck Says “Uhhhh, I’m Confused!”

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Morgan Dunn, Ayyy, Batter, Batter
Kate Farley, Fired Up With Long I
Spenser Phillips, Oh I Didn’t Know
Allie Harmon, Ay Batter Batter Batter, SWING
Maddie Vavala, Rain, Rain Go Away!
Lauren Ayres, Through Three Cheese Trees Three Free Fleas Flew
Margaret Finkbohner, Aye, Aye Mate
K.K. Hines, Under the Sea
Keneisha Garrett, Mike Slips on the Ice
Halley DeLidle, Streak of the Week
Kristen Hall, “Aye” Can Read Long I
Bailey Samples, Ice Ice Baby!!
Anna Knowling, Beep, Beep, Goes the Car!
Hannah Deaver, Let’s Go Fly a Kite
Katie Osborn, Jake takes Blake and Kate to the Lake
Madison Marie Johnson, Homer with the Nose Hoped for a Homerun
Laurin Thrower, Oh no! Mop up the O’s!
Kailyn Webb, Let’s Bake a Cake
Brittany Revel, I Like to Ride My Bike
Savannah Duke, Katie Bakes a Cake
Hannah Carrell, Icee Ice Cold

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

 Kelly MacLachlan, Chug Along With Choo Choo

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Morgan Dunn, Marching Through Fluency
Kate Farley, Fishing for Fluency
Madison Wolanek, Sailing to Fluency
Clarice Smith, Racing a Cheetah with Fluency
Spenser Phillips, Bear Necessities for Fluency and Independence
Rachel Heavlin, Fluency is “Beary” Awesome
Taylor Britton, Mousing Around With Fluency
Allie Harmon, Open the Door to Reading Fluency
Chelsea Hall, Fantastic Fluency
Savannah Adcock, Flying into Fluency
Kelly MacLachlan, To Fluency and Beyond!
Maddie Vavala, Flying Through Fluency with Junie B
Lauren Ayres, Skating Across the Ice with Fluency
Kaley Stewart, Building Fluency with Junie B. Jones
Margaret Finkbohner, Flying Into Fluency
K.K. Hines, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Keneisha Garrett, Cooking up Reading
Halley DeLidle, Wild About Reading
Jessica Cooley, Racing to Fluency
Kristen Hall, Our Fluency Will Leave You Breathless
Michaela Daugherty, Racing to Fluency (2)
Morgan Gunter, Flipping for Fluency
Madison E. Johnson, Lassoing Fluency in Reading
Bailey Samples, Lightning Fast Fluency
Anna Knowling, Fluency Fun!
Addie Herrlin, Fluency Monsters
Caroline Gagnon, Fluent in Cookie Eating and in Reading
Emily Davis, Yummy in my Tummy with Fluency
Hannah Deaver, Aloha Fluency
Katie Osborn, Hit a Homerun with Fluency!
Madison Marie Johnson, Score Big with Fluency
Laurin Thrower, Race Like a Rabbit to Fluency!
Karley Franklin, Hopping into Fluency with Frog and Toad
Robyn Hunter, Fast and Fluent Wins the Race!
Kailyn Webb, Going Bananas for Fluency
Brittany Revel, Swing Into Fluency
Savannah Duke, Reading as Rocking as Pete in His School Shoes
Cate Holley, Swinging into Fluency
Hannah Carrell, Fluency is Not Scary, It’s Fun!

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Wendy Alley, Smooth Sledding

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Bruce Murray, Using About-Point to Awaken the Main Idea
Chelsea Hall, Sum It Up
Madison Wolanek, Sipping on Summarizing
Spenser Phillips, Summaries: Easy as Apple Soda?
Savannah Adcock, Summarizing Superheroes
Taylor Britton, Sum It Up!
Maddie Vavala, Summarizing with Aubie
Lauren Ayres, Transforming into Summarizing
Rachel Heavlin, Swimming into Summarization
Kate Farley, Buzzing Into Summarization
Kaley Stewart, Summarizing with Sea Turtles
Margaret Finkbohner, Superstars at Summarization!
K.K. Hines, Shining Summarizers
Kelly MacLachlan, Orca-strating Summarization
Keneisha Garrett, Summarizing Is Cool
Halley DeLidle, Readers Are Leaders
Jessica Cooley, Summarizing Superstar
Kristen Hall, The Summarization Station
Michaela Daugherty, Building Summarization Like the Colonies
Morgan Gunter, Flying Into Summarization
Madison E. Johnson, Summarizing A Whale of A Tale
Wendy Alley, Melting into Summarization
Clarice Smith, To Summarize is Simple as Pie
Bailey Samples, Hop Into Summarizing
Anna Knowling, Splashing through Summaries
Addie Herrlin, Do the Polar Bear Plunge With Summaries
Caroline Gagnon, Summarize to Change Your Lives
Emily Davis, Fun in the Sun with Summarization
Hannah Deaver, What Students Do In Summary
Allie Harmon, Exploding Into Comprehension
Katie Osborn, Super Sweet Summarizers
Madison Marie Johnson, Some Super Fun Summarization in the Sky
Laurin Thrower, Summarize With Stanley
Karley Franklin, Superman’s Summarization
Robyn Hunter, Gaining Words of Wisdom
Kailyn Webb, Safari for Summarization
Brittany Revel, Sharky Summarization
Savannah Duke, Summarizing in the Sea!
Cate Holley, Buzzing into Summing
Hannah Carrell, Getting it Summed Up!

Lessons for teaching visualization

Morgan Dunn, Vivacious Visualization

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