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English Phonemes, Spellings, Example Words, and Sound Analogies

Borrowed freely from Open Court materials and AU lesson designs


Spelling(s) and Example Words

Sound Analogies

/A/ a (table), a_e (bake), ai (train), ay (say) Long A; Fonzie’s greeting
/a/ a (flat) Crying baby; baby lamb; home alone
/b/ b (ball) Beating heart; drum; basketball
/k/ c (cake), k (key), ck (back) Nutcracker; golf shot; camera, chopping with an ax; walking on gravel; breaking a stick
/d/ d (door) Knocking; dribbling ball; drum; dinosaur
/E/ e (me), ee (feet), ea (leap), y (baby) Long E; shriek
/e/ e (pet), ea (head) Rocking chair; creaky door; hard of hearing; clearing my throat
/f/ f (fix), ph (phone) Angry cat; clothes brush; electric fan; soda fizz; sweeping the floor
/g/ g (gas)  Croaking frog, gulping soda
/h/  h (hot)  Out of breath; warm breath; tired dog
 /I/  i (I), i_e (bite), igh (light), y (sky)  Long I; “Aye, aye, Captain”
 /i/  i (sit)  Crying puppy; icky sticky; baby pig
 /j/  j (jet), dge (edge), g[e, i, y] (gem)  Scrub brush; wood rasp; jump rope
 /l/  l (lamp)  Flying saucer; mixer; lapping water
/m/ m (my)  Mm-m-m; hummingbird
 /n/  n (no), kn (knock)  Mosquito; motorboat
 /O/  o (okay), o_e (bone), oa (soap), ow (low)  Long O; Oh, I see
 /o/  o (hot)  Say ah; doctor sound; cool drink; yawn
 /p/  p (pie)  Popcorn; water drip; skipping stone; soap bubbles
/kw/  qu (quick)  Coffee pot; typewriter; quacking duck
 /r/  r (road), wr (wrong)  Chainsaw; angry lion; robot; growling dog
 /s/  s (say), c[e, i, y] (cent)  Snake; leaky ball; hair spray; sizzling bacon
 /t/  t (time)  Ticking clock; timer; automatic sprinkler
 /U/  u (future), u_e (use), ew (few)  Long U
/u/  u (thumb), a (about), e (loaded), o (wagon)  I dunno; mother bear; punch in the stomach; foghorn
 /v/  v (voice)  Electric shaver; airplane; vacuum
 /w/  w (wash)  Lariat; fly rod; washing machine; helicopter
 /ks/ or /gz/  x (box, exam)  Pop top soda can; grease gun
 /y/  y (yes)  Sticky mess
/z/  z (zoo), s (nose)  Buzzing bee; arc welder; zipper
 /OO/  oo (boot), u (truth), u_e (rude), ew (chew)  Ghost; howling wolf; owl
 /oo/ oo (book), u (put)  Lifting weights; chin-up bar
 /oi/  oi (soil), oy (toy)  Seal; squeaky gate; spring
/ou/  ou (out), ow (cow)  Inoculation; sting; pinch
/aw/  aw (saw), au (caught), a[l] (tall)  Poor thing; crow
 /ar/  ar (car)  Spinning tire; grinding gears; gargle; pirate
 /sh/  sh (ship), ti (nation), ci (special)  Be quiet; watering the lawn; rain
 /hw/  wh (white)  Blow out the candle
 /ch/  ch (chest), tch (catch)  Old train; antique car; chipmunk
/th/  or /th/  th (thick, this)  Peeling tape; angry goose; wet shoes
 /ng/  ng (sing), n (think)  Gong; string bass
 /zh/  s (measure)  Sawing wood; sander
 /er/  er (her), ir (sir), ur (fur)  Chainsaw; angry lion; robot; growling dog

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