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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Fall 2021

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Sydney Chapman, Hiss Like a Snake with S

Caroline Brillhart, Making Muffins with M

Emily Amos, Run the Race with H

Sarah Reier, Vacuum Your Room With V!

Morgan Watkins, Bounce the Ball with B

Callie Anton, Huffing and Puffing with H

Elizabeth Escalera, Learning Z with Zoey the Bee

Mary Grace Mills, Beating Heart with Letter B

Claire Smith, Go to the Zoo with Z

Tyler Felmet, Vacuum with the letter V

Kelly Hauch, Baking Bread with the Letter B

Kayla Reece. Princess Piper Loves Popcorn

Shayna Fetes, The Heart Beats to the Letter B

Ashley Colquhoun, Watching Waves with W

Molly McGill, Making Muffins with M

Caroline Brandt, Slither like a Snake with S

Pierce Pruet, Ticking Time with T

​Isabelle Scott, Pop Popcorn with P!

Kaitlyn Barnes, Bounce the Basketball with Letter B

Alley Sizemore, Zip it Up with Z

Kaye Arnold, Sizzling Sausage with the Letter S

Brynn Miller, Heavy Breathing with an h

Chase Morrin, Time is Ticking Let’s Learn T

Katy Cawthon, Jumping for Joy with /j/

Rebecca Friday, Zip up your Jacket with Z

Caroline Parsons, Ticking with T

Caitlin Collins, Popping Perfect Popcorn With P

Anna Turner, Learning L with Your Hand!

Hannah Proctor, Huff Like a Husky with H

Augusta Yearout, Make Muffins With Mom, Mmm!

Andi Ehringer, Play Ping Pong with P

Maggie Heath, P is for Popcorn!

Emily Little, What’s P…P…Poppin’?

Morgan Burkett, Slither Like a Snake with S

Abbey Engles, Tick Tocking along with T

Perry Steed, Dribble With Dan the Dinosaur

Reilly Davis, Learning N In the Stables with the Horses

Bailey Nyberg, Hop Hop Hopping Along with H

Margaret James Stephens, The Snake Says Ssss

Sydney Grace Edge, Learning the Letter P with Paul’s Popping Popcorn

Grace Pritchett, Smell the Cinna “M” Rolls

Jonathan Thomas, Hop with the Letter h

Sarah LaFrenier, Zip Your Jacket with Z

Jadyn Owens, Mash Your Lips Together for M

Anne Marie Doxtader, Hiss Like a Snake with S

Maggie Van Thullenar, Huffing, Puffing and Hopping with the Letter H

Hannah Atchley, Jump Roping for Joy with the Letter J

Brooke Weidler, Bumble Bee Letter B

Victoria Grindle, Carol’s Crackling Cooking

Jessica Clements, Dan the Dino says “Duh, Derek!”

Laney Leavins, Busy Bee Buzzes

Allissa Stanley, Making Music with M

Anne Auston Wright, Slither Like a Silly Snake

Amelia Welch, Tick Tock the Timer Goes Off!

Annabella Imbornone, Drumroll for T

Jessica Campbell, Running Relays with R

Annie Hillman, Pam Pops Puffy Popcorn

Kaylee Sims, Zipping Up With Z

Katie Black, Vacuum with Virginia

Abbigail Woodruff, Pop Popcorn with P!

Ashlyn Fournier, Vicky Drives her Vehicle with Letter V

Macy Gann, Pass the Pepper, Please!

Mya Perkins, Sizzling S with Silly Socks

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Sarah Reier, Itchy, Itchy, Bug Bites!

Kayla Reece. Iggy the Icky Sticky Iguana

Ashley Colquhoun, Short O Breaks His Cup, uh uh uh oh!

Molly McGill, The Tap Dancer

Pierce Pruet, Smiling with Icky, Sticky i

Alley Sizemore, Yawning Letter O

Shayna Fetes, Icky Sticky Glue

Chase Morrin, Icky Icky Glue is Sticky

Caroline Parsons, Icky Sticky

Caitlin Collins, A A Aaaaaaaa Choo!

Reilly Davis, The Sad Baby Cries “Aaaa”

Hannah Proctor, Uhh, What?

Morgan Burkett, Icky Sticky Ice Cream

Caroline Brillhart, Icky Sticky I

Margaret James Stephens, Uhhhh, I am Confused!

Sydney Grace Edge, Aaaah at the Doctor’s Office

Grace Pritchett, Uhhhh, Come Again

Laney Leavins, Icky, Sticky Lollipops

Anne Auston Wright, Ummm I Don’t Know

Abbigail Woodruff, “Aaaa” Goes the Crying Baby

Abbey Engles, Aaaa is What the Crying Baby Says

Macy Gann, The Baby Cries, “Aaaaaa!”

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Elizabeth Escalera, OO Says the Spooky Ghost

Perry Steed, “YAAAY” Let’s Play With /A/

Anne Marie Doxtader, Owl Says Hoot

Callie Anton, Oh No, Who Would’ve Known!

Emily Little, Ooh, I Can’t Believe It!

Sydney Chapman, Oh, I Got It!

Mary Grace Mills, Igh, Igh Captain!

Tyler Felmet, /I/, /I/, Matey!

Kelly Hauch, Let’s Bake Cake with Abe

Caroline Brandt, Aye Aye Captain

Kaitlyn Barnes, I Ate a Piece of Cake

Kaye Arnold, OW! I Hurt My Elbow!

Brynn Miller, Play This Way

Katy Cawthon, Eek! It’s Halloween!

Rebecca Friday, Arrrrr Me Mateys

Anna Turner, Pilot Pete Says Weeee

Claire Smith, Let’s Take a Peek…EEK!

Augusta Yearout, The Reading Rollercoaster

Maggie Heath, Say Cheese With EE!

Morgan Watkins, The Pirate says -AR

Bailey Nyberg, Cheesy Cheesy Pizza!

Jonathan Thomas, I, I, Captain

Sarah LaFrenier, Needing Heat with Pete

Jadyn Owens, The Dancers are Swaying

Anne Marie Doxtader, Owl Says Hoot

Maggie Van Thullenar, Yay! Yay! Hooray for A!

Isabelle Scott, Hey, Are You Okay?

Hannah Atchley, Oh No! I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone

Brooke Weidler, Aye Aye Captain Jack!

Victoria Grindle, Rose Broke her Nose, Oh No!

Jessica Clements, Ice, Ice, Baby!

Allissa Stanley, Smile for the Camera, Say Cheese!

Amelia Welch, Aye, Aye Captain!

Annabella Imbornone, Halloween is Nearing: EEK!!! Let’s Learn the Sound E!

Jessica Campbell, Train Tracks with A!

Annie Hillman, Eek, Some Sweets!

Kaylee Sims, Aye, Aye, Captain

Katie Black, /I/, /I/ Captain!

Ashlyn Fournier, Archie the Pirate Teaches Us /ar/

Mya Perkins, BOO! I See You and OO!

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching reading with automatic word recognition

Reilly Davis, Jumping into Fluency With Junie B. Jones

Sarah Reier, Monkeying Into Fluency!

Callie Anton, Junie B Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fluency

Elizabeth Escalera, Hopping into Fluency with Suki the Bunny

Sydney Chapman, Junie B Jones and the Students Learning Fluency

Mary Grace Mills, Testing Fluency with Funny Jokes

Emily Little, Froggy’s Fluency

Tyler Felmet, To Fluency, Ben Franklin!

Kelly Hauch, Little Fluency Chef

Ashley Colquhoun, Daisy Dawson is on Her Way! To Becoming a Fluent Reader!

Molly McGill, Swimming Like a Frog for Fluency

Margaret James Stephens, Flourishing in Fluency

Caroline Brandt, Flying into Fluency

Pierce Pruet, Into The Woods With Fluency

Kaitlyn Barnes, Let’s Weave a Web of Fluent Readers

Alley Sizemore, Fluency is Fun!

Kaye Arnold, Feeling Fancy with Fancy Nancy’s Fluency

Shayna Fetes, Learning How to Dance with Fluency

Brynn Miller, Stop Monkeying Around So We Can Learn Fluency

Chase Morrin, Green Eggs & Ham…. & Fluency

Katy Cawthon, Growing Towards Fluency!

Rebecca Friday, Kissing Fluency Hello

Caroline Parsons, Swinging into Fluency

Caitlin Collins, Junie B. Jones’ Fluency Party

Anna Turner, Finding Fluency with the Cat in the Hat

Hannah Proctor, Junie B. Knows How to Read!

Claire Smith, Hopping into Fluency with Frog and Toad

Augusta Yearout, Finding Fluency with Fancy Nancy

Maggie Heath, If You Give a Mouse Reading Practice, He Will Become Fluent

Morgan Watkins, Pete Finds Fluency in His White Shoes

Morgan Burkett, Fishing For Fluency

Abbey Engles, Jammin’ with Fluency

Perry Steed, Junie B. Jones Rides the Bus To Fluency

Kayla Reece. Fluency with Frog and Toad

Bailey Nyberg, Becoming Friends with Fluency

Caroline Brillhart, Flying into Fluency

Margaret James Stephens, Flourishing in Reading Fluency

Sydney Grace Edge, Fluency, It’s Where the Wild Things

Grace Pritchett, Knight Time Stories

Jonathan Thomas, Fiddling with Fluency

Sarah LaFrenier, The Oddest Things of Reading

Jadyn Owens, To Infinity and Beyond with Fluency

Anne Marie Doxtader, If You Teach a Mouse Fluency

Maggie Van Thullenar, Scoring Fluency Touchdowns with Repeated Reading

Isabelle Scott, Junie B Smells Fishy Fluency

Hannah Atchley, Learning How To Dance Our Way to Fluency

Brooke Weidler, Becoming Fluent with Flat Stanley

Victoria Grindle, Tackling Fluency with Tacky in his Haunted Igloo!

Jessica Clements, Not Too Little to be Fluent!

Laney Leavins, Fluency With Henry and Mudge!

Allissa Stanley, Falling for Fluency!

Anne Auston Wright, Floating into Fluency

Amelia Welch, “Web” bing for Fluency

Annabella Imbornone, I’m Fluent in Barks and Woofs!

Jessica Campbell, Reading is Bearable

Annie Hillman, Frog and Toad have Fun with Fluency

Kaylee Sims, Swimming Our Way to Fluency

Katie Black, Flying into Fluency

Abbigail Woodruff, Fluency at Last!

Macy Gann, Boss of Fluency!

Ashlyn Fournier, The Fast and The Fluent

Mya Perkins, Learning to Read Is No Wonder

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Callie Anton, Let’s Summarize with Butterflies!

Elizabeth Escalera, Summarizing with Seahorses!

Hannah Proctor, Summarizing with the Sea Turtles

Claire Smith, Soaring into Summarization

Caroline Parsons, Jurassic Comprehension

Kelly Hauch, Plants Eat Summaries

Emily Amos, Hopping to Comprehension

Maggie Heath, Super Summarization!

Emily Little, Climbing into Reading

Tyler Felmet, Summarize with Sharks

Pierce Pruet, Using Your Pearly Whites to Summarize

Augusta Yearout, Summarization and Smiles

Reilly Davis, Slithering Into Summarization

Morgan Watkins, Summarizing with Beluga Whales

Morgan Burkett, Swimming into Summarization

Mary Grace Mills, Summarization is Sweet!

Abbey Engles, Summarizing with Sea Otters

Sarah Reier, Galloping Into Summarization!

Sydney Chapman, Summarizing with Seals and Sea Lions

Perry Steed, Swimming Into Summarization

Kayla Reece. The Secret to Summarization

Bailey Nyberg, Swimming into Summarization

Caroline Brillhart, Swimming into Summarization

Chase Morrin, Summarizing with Sea Otters

Margaret James Stephens, Whale you Learn to Summarize?

Sydney Grace Edge, Getting Healthy with Summarization

Katy Cawthon, Arctic Summaries!

Grace Pritchett, Summing Up Summary

Jonathan Thomas, Comprehending Chameleons

Sarah LaFrenier, All About Frogs

Ashley Colquhoun, Spying on Summarization

Kaye Arnold, Slowly Summarizing with Sloths

Jadyn Owens, Waddle into Summarization

Anne Marie Doxtader, Stomping into Summarization

Maggie Van Thullenar, Flying into Summarization

Molly McGill, Swimming into Summarization

Alley Sizemore, Stomping into Summarization

Brynn Miller, Summarizing with Santa Claus

Caroline Brandt, Summarizing with Tigers

Kaitlyn Barnes, Swimming With Dolphins for Summarization

Isabelle Scott, Soaring into Summarization

Hannah Atchley, Flying Our Way to Summarization

Brooke Weidler, Summarizing with Penguins

Victoria Grindle, Summarizing with Silly Squirrels

Jessica Clements, Doggie Duties!

Laney Leavins,  Stegosaurus Summarization

Allissa Stanley, Slicing into Summarazation!

Anne Auston Wright, Swimming into Summarization

Amelia Welch, Flopping into Summarization!

Annabella Imbornone, Santa’s Summarization Workshop

Annie Hillman, Summarization with Sloths

Kaylee Sims, Summarizing With Sharks

Katie Black, Let’s Sea How to Summarize

Abbigail Woodruff, Summarizing with Sea Turtles

Macy Gann, Swimming Into Summarization

Ashlyn Fournier, Summarizing with Zoo Animals

Anna Turner, Ready, Set, Summarize

Mya Perkins, Soaring the Plains into Summarization

Caitlin Collins, Summarization With Starfish

Lessons for teaching visualization

Jessica Campbell, Visualization with Vinny the Vegetable


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